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Everything was great...till it wasn't

I went on a two week trip over the Christmas holidays. When I left, my Duke was running awesome, better than it ever did stock. My mods are:

GPR midpipe + silencer
Airbox delete with pod filter
Kev's o2 sensor
My own custom version of Kev's fuel mod (he doesn't sell anymore)

Since I got back, my duke has been sputtering and surging like crazy. When lane splitting, as I go to gun it, it will just sputter out and slow down before kicking in and taking off (this is not a flat spot, giving throttle is actually slowing me down). It died at a stoplight on the way to school/work today and I had to wheel to the side of the road and try starting it probably 5 times before it would stay running. From stop signs, it was dying at 3-5k RPM's on the west of the way in, I was having to keep throttle on. I thought there was a chance rain had pooled in the exhaust pipe, so I gave it some full throttle twists to try blasting anything in there out.

I also did an oil change a day ago, but that doesn't seem to have affected anything. It was doing this before then and still is. Oil change was just done because it was time, not for any particular reason.

I know I should redo the 15 min idle (which I tried doing at work before getting some dirty looks from other people coming in. I might have to find an isolated area to let it run for 15 min somewhere later. I only got through about 10 this morning.

Anyone have any other thoughts?

2014 Duke 690 (Kev's O2 mod, My own fuel mod, decat, GPR Furore exhaust, hollowed airbox with pod filter)

2015 s1000r (Yoshi exhaust, yoshi engine guards, evotech levers, rizoma mirrors, CF front, rear, side fenders and headlight assembly, Sargent seat, AP rearsets, LED turn signals.

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