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2016 KTM 125sx (2017 -         )

2016 KTM 125sx (2017 - )

Bike #10. We felt very vulnerable racing with only one bike even if the 2012 125sx had been a darling. So we scraped together our funds and purchased a 2016 125sx. This was the first year for this new upgraded model. And she definetley had more go than the 2012. But also heaps more issues!

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This bike must be some sort of record re problems. (Posessed Vinny recon she is!) If we had not had the 2012 as a backup we would not have finished many meetings since 2017. Vinny was now also starting to cut down on his riding and only pick meetings he liked. This gave me more time to try to sort the 2016. Many were the times I felt confident I had sorted the issue. And mostly that was the case... only for a new issue to pop up. We have had issues with stator dying, pick up sensor not working, CDI dead, ignition coil dead, water pump stop working, big end seized (long before scheduled replacement), power valve jamming, gear box gears disintegrating, clutch hub wearing down, and list goes on. As a result Vinny does not trust the bike. He turned 17 (and became a senior rider ending the 125 riding) in October 2018. Other things have taken some of his attention (finished High School, has a job, girls. and a party or two...) so the riding has been put on a back burner. As the 2012 needed some serious money to get up to scratch I decided to sell it in parts creating some needed funds (as dad is not paying for it anymore...) so the 2016 can be sorted and sold as Vinny's 125 riding is over. He is now planning to focus on TT and Flat Track racing. And we have already got the bike for that!

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