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End of 2012 with 4 bikes! (Vinny was now 11yo)

End of 2012 with 4 bikes! (Vinny was now 11yo)

Bike #6. We had added a 2009 85sx (2012 - 2013) to the stable. The 2004 65sx was sold but not yet picked up. The 2007 65sx was still a competitive bike and the 2011 65sx was the main racing bike... But as soon as we had sorted the 85sx Vinny forgot all about 65cc riding, so we sold the 2007.

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The KTM factory got the 2009 85sx motor wrong. They had fitted a conrod that had a too big diamater pin resuting in the bearing going too fast and heating up, this meant that the big end kept on seizing. It was seized when we got the bike (cheap buy!) but seized shortly after I fixed it. I did some digging and found the issue. So I ended up buying a 2012 complete crank. That solved the issue!

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