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  • 3/4Order ·
    Sure thing! Ill see what I can get setup tonight. If youre ok with texting, that would work a little easier for me. If not I can email it, Ill just have to compress the file. I think what I may do is make a little install video and post it under one of the Remus exhaust threads. The little exhaust bushing is supposed to help with tightening the flange down a certain way. I lost mine too but thank goodness I work in a machine shop. I just made another :D

    bobwombat ·
    Hey, 3/4! You've been trying to help JayAK w/the Remus underbody install & I posted a couple, too. But, if you don't mind, I'd really like to see your vid re: installation to compare with my own struggles. I'm at [email protected] & thx you in advance for sharing what you did.

    First, I didn't know about the tiny exhaust flange bushing & it went flying & I had no clue where it came from. Then, I had the same troubles as JayAK before I realized mounting everything very LOOSE would do the trick. Duh. It was still difficult & I wouldn't say a perfect fit from Remus folks.

    Thx a ton, 3/4; appreciate your help alot. Cheers! Bob in AZ/USA
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