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  • Gojo ·
    Hi, I have found four different parts number for the same signal lights and could not confirm which two are actually compatible with the 2017+ models. I tried calling the dealerships around here and none of them knows as they are unable to source the parts. All I know atm is that the the lights works on specific sides, so I need 2 different parts number to complete the lighting system.

    Parts number:
    KTM,FLASHER CPL. FR.RS/REAR L/S, part no: 76014026000
    KTM,FLASHER CPL. FR.LS/REAR R/S, part no: 76014025000
    KTM, turn signal front left/rear right, part no: 60314025000
    KTM, turn signal front right/rear left, part no: 60314026000

    As for shipping, anything cheap is preferred, I don't mind waiting weeks for it. All that matters to me is that I can track the package.

    anotheronetoday ·
    please give me the order code and I will get a price
    shipping it really down to speed
    I you want I can under price to save import tax and duties
    Gojo ·
    Hi, Thank you and yes please I would gladly take your offer to help get the stock 2017+ 1290 SDR LED front and rear signal lights.

    I noticed from your forum post that you are considering upgrading your lighting. If your 790 is compatible with the 1290 then I would offer to purchase yours as long as it fits correctly without modification.

    I live in Inglewood Ca 90303. If you can quote me the full cost with shipping that would be great.

    I have a verified paypal address if paypal is ok.
    augiedoggie ·
    hi jeremy. sorry for delay contacting you. i forgot to look at my paypal to determine if it was mine or my wifes account. my paypal is under my name Douglas Meyer the amount was $68.30 i hope all is well. best wishes for a merry christmas. best regards, Doug
    augiedoggie ·
    hi jeremy. i was unable to ship your package yesterday as it was government postal service holiday for our former presidents funeral. i carried your package to post office today and sent it off to you. was told to expect delivery in 12to18 days to you. i hope it makes it for christmas as planned. international customs claim states items are hat and backpack valued @$90.00 US. the standard shipping charge includes a $200.00 value insurance policy on shipment contents. had to claim items were gift for customs purposes.
    i did not open package to verify contents, but i taped box heavily to prevent shipping damage. your charges were $68.30 and you had a savings of $20.00 by shipping directly from post office. it was very kind of the goin postal lady to share this and allow a savings at the expense of their profit. you can track your package status with USPS tracking number #CH056665908US you would go to //www.usps.com/help/claims.htm best wishes for a wonderful christmas.
    augiedoggie ·
    hi jeremy. i carried your package to goin postal today and was informed the estimated shipping charge would be $88.00 USD. the woman suggested i could save a bit of shipping charges by bringing to USPS directly. i have to make address label and will bring it to local post office for shipment tomorrow. not certain of charges,but expected to be less than goin postal fees. will report back after shipment tomorrow. regards,Doug
    augiedoggie ·
    Hi Jeremy. Your order arrived today. I checked goin postal store is closed now. I have dental appointment Monday, will attempt to drop off for shipment before appointment and get it done Monday, if this is impossible I will ship it Tuesday without fail. Regards, Doug
    augiedoggie ·
    hello. yes you are welcome to have your order shipped to my residence. upon my receipt of your order i will carry unopened package to Goin Postal store in Easton for re shipment to you. it may be prudent for you to check with your selling store/site for package dimensions and weight. you may take this information to Goin Postal directly for shipping options, including pricing and shipment delivery arrival date. you may find they can accept your shipping fee directly by CC or paypal. if you are unable to contact them, i will carry out shipping instructions to your direction and pay shipment charges for you upon shipment. you could then reimburse these charges to my personal paypal account. i would caution you to check ship time expected to UK from here as i would hope to have your order to you by Christmas. if you require additional information or assistance, feel free to contact me as needed. best regards,Doug
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