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  • Rangerman ·
    Good morning Doug,
    Thanks for making me aware of these vintage helmets they are a very interesting find.
    I actually have enough helmets now so I would not have a need for these.
    I appreciate your offer to pick up and deliver them though.
    Rangerman ·
    Hello Doug,
    Thanks for making me aware of these, very interesting find for sure.
    I am all set with the variety of helmets that I have now and am not in need of any more but I appreciate your offer of picking these up and shipping them for me.
    Thanks again my friend.
    Axzon ·
    cont. I am now playing with the idea of only fitting the 113mm conrod to our bike to see what the difference is (I would obviously add a 3mm spacer at the bottom). Then my brain tells me that fitting a 113mm conrod and creating a 3mm higher barrel will provide a different result to fitting a 113mm conrod and a 3mm shortened piston... And then I again am convincing myself that I really need a dyno... ;)
    Axzon ·
    I have looked in to the longer conrod a little more. And I have found out that the standard 125sx conrod is 110mm from middle of eye to middle of eye. The 200sx/exc has a 118mm long conrod. But as the top eye is bigger it would need a bush/a different top bearing. And then there is a 125 VHM "Long Conrod Kit" that is 113mm. It comes with a 3mm shorter piston so there is no need to do anything to the base of the barrel. The VHM piston is also modified compared to Vertex pistons (that KTM come with as orginal) and has two holes at the top just under the piston ring and if you get their head you also need a 12 degree piston (that has the top of the piston machined to have a 12 degree cut away compared to standard.

    I find all this very astonishing and wish I had known all this 4 years ago!! Ah well.
    anotheronetoday ·
    Hi Doug
    Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated

    So i owe you $68.30?
    and paypal is ok or do you want via another method??

    Merry Christmas
    weedlej78 ·
    Got a question for you KTM guru. Do you happen to know if the difference between a 300 crank and 380 crank is the rod length only? Could you in theory put a 380 rod on a 300 crank?
    BigD0923 ·
    That's good advice, I just didn't know if the radiator used anti-freeze or some other liquid. I will contact local dealer. Thanks for the reply.
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