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  • gavincusack ·
    I just read another post of yours about the gearing see below, so i should just buy a 44 or 45 tooth read sprocket and throw it on? that seems easier than swapping both.

    does the stock chain fit with the 44/45?


    I was the Bloke who takes credit for first messing with final ratios on this forum.

    When gearing down, my first step was to buy a 15 front because it was cheaper than a bigger rear. I liked the initial result but wanted more gearing down so I was forced to buy a bigger rear because putting a 14 on the front bothered me. If I did it again, I would just have bought a 44 or even a 45 for the rear. I have suggested that this is the way to go, but the 15/42 concept has kinda stuck.
    gavincusack ·
    Hi Boldor

    I just bought a 2016 Duke 690 and I live on the central coast, I got my by from Central coast motorcyles.
    I have been reading your posts about the 15 42 sprocket change with the intention of doing this myself.

    I have never done a sprocket change on any bike I have owned, is it very difficult?

    Secondly I dont know of any Duke 690 riders on the central coast, Have you come across any in your time on the forums?


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