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  • kyle travelet ·
    Hey, I'm pretty sure those are your panels for the 690sm on ebay. Whatcha want for them and why are you selling? Have any other goodies? I'm not trying to put too much money into this old dinosaur but a few things cant hurt :) Thanks!
    cors187 ·
    Is it a cross thread misunderstanding. I don't have any wheels for sale. I'm on mobile atm and I'm useless on mobile so can't find the thread your talking about yet.

    wiwwee ·
    I newer felt a need for one but I do change bikes every 2 years or 25k km.

    Motorracing Company in Raisio (Turku) is an official KTM service shop might ask them too if you want/need one.
    Never had any work on my bikes done there but have bought a lot of riding gear from there and seam good to deal with.

    DW ·
    This is the first time I have been on a pc on my profile in a long time, How long ago did you send me this message cors? The date there, Does that mean the 11 of the 8th month, Or the 8th of the 11th? We are discussing it in a post at the moment anyway.
    wiwwee ·
    It's quite hard to up the tune so you get 20% more power... unless you strap a turbo on the bike... so not really an issue.

    I newer did a "muutoskatsastus" on any of my bikes no matter what I changed on em.

    Cops don't really tend to care about the bike mods unless it is an insanely loud exhaust.

    My RC8 didn't have any indicators front or rear and no mirrors either.
    Got a few tickets for speeding but newer even a comment about "missing" parts

    Maybe I was just lucky.

    The thing about performance mods is that insurance companies love to dig for reasons not to pay if **** happens so that would be the only reason to get official paperwork and inspection on mods.

    Back in 2005 I had a Ninja which was heavily modified and only thing I ever got trouble for was the straight through exhaust
    I do admit it was loud beyond stupid.

    wiwwee ·
    Ask your local dealer for a price.
    Then just Google it.
    Then compare prices and ask the local dealer for a better price.

    It is a bit of a dick head move but I'd rather buy from the local shop (for a reasonable price) than the Internet because that way there still is a local shop there naxt year.

    If the price is waaaay off than on line shopping it is.
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