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  • Boldor ·
    Hello Dan,

    While smashing away at buttons to try and get my computer to speed up I speed up I found a bevy of your messages. The way that you mssg me means that I don't get the notification warning. Sorry Mate.

    Yes KTM Newie WAS on the corner of Newton Street. Now they have moved across the road to bigger premises.

    I can't remember the sticker AMCN news thing - can you remind me what my point was?
    jc124911 ·
    Hi Dan,
    I'm from NW Qld and I'm considering buying a new Duke 390. This will be my first bike and I'd appreciate your thoughts on the 390 and if there's anything I should be aware of that might make me change my mind. I've ridden a Duke 200 when I did my Q-Ride course and was pretty impressed.
    hyperpete ·
    But Dan,
    Thanks for that,it'd be very handy location for a guys look around, yeah it'll be huge distances, getting a fresh rear tire that should cover the distance,
    I'll be riding between around 8am and 4/430pm, before/after roo hour, less risk,plenty of relax time in wherever I'm at ..

    So, I'll keep in touch hey, yeah..hope your bike gets in!
    hyperpete ·
    Hi Dan,
    Trip North starts soon, think I'll leave last week in August...so far the route looks like Mungindi,Charleville,Longreach,Cloncurry, Normanton and then east...probably take a while...seeing whatever looks good on the way...
    I'll taken up your offer to stay, be fun 2 dukes tearing thru the hills!
    Anyway, I hope to get one of those GoPro things, so thr trip report will be running as i go along...
    Look forward to it :)
    ksyu ·
    Hi Dan!
    I was eyeing the same bike you suggested at newcastle! Am currently negotiating with the owner :)
    ksyu ·
    Hi Dan1,

    Thanks for pointing out the differences between the 2012-13 duke 200's. They're really helpful to new learners like me.

    I'm sticking to the 200's as I don't want to spend too much on my first learner bike. Taking in from what you said, is aiming around 4.5k mark a good deal for a used 2012 200?

    Thanks mate!
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