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  • DW ·
    Cheers, thanks mate. I will keep that in mind.
    Don't see to many of them old girls anymore, but if I do and I get stuck I will give you a tingle.
    ktmkevin ·

    I purchased an online service manual. It sounds like you're all squared away but if you ever need any pages from it let me know and I'll be happy to send them to you! Thanks for all the help. Kevin

    Covers the engines in these models:

    1996 KTM 360SX

    1996 KTM 360MXC

    1996 KTM 360EXC

    1996 KTM 360EGS

    1996 KTM 300MXC

    1996 KTM 300EXC

    1996 KTM 300EGS

    1996 KTM 250SX

    1996 KTM 250EXC

    1996 KTM 250EGS

    1997 KTM 360SX

    1997 KTM 360MXC

    1997 KTM 360EXC

    1997 KTM 360EGS

    1997 KTM 300MXC

    1997 KTM 300EXC

    1997 KTM 300EGS

    1997 KTM 250SX

    1997 KTM 250EXC

    1997 KTM 250EGS
    Ripperton ·
    I found a bag of pilot jets in my spare parts collection that I bought off Ebay for my Posty bike !!. It has a 24mm carb also off Ebay thats modeled off a Keihin. The pilot jets of both carbs are the same so I swapped the 42 in the KTM for a 45 and instant improvement. Less stalling and easier starting when hot.
    Ripperton ·
    Hi DW
    my 03 450 exc has a 42 pilot jet and it stalls a lot in the rocks.
    could you recommend a bigger one ? what size?
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