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  • theobick ·
    Hello Kevin,

    I have a 2013 Duke 690 and you sent me a O2 controller a few years ago. I believe we used PayPal. I want to buy the fuel controller now. Do you still sell the fuel controllers? If so, then please send me an invoice for it.

    Austin TX


    Trondgv ·
    Hey there! The o2 sensor for my 690 Duke worked perfect.

    I have a colleague with a 2008 mod Yamaha XT660 that also suffers low RPM surging. Do you have a mod to take care of this? He told me he read something about a kev mod and first thing that striked me is you.
    Hi Kevin,

    I hope you are doing well. I am in the US and recently bought a 2016 Duke 690. I don't notice any surging at low rpm, but I assume that improvement is always possible, so I am willing to give it a try. My bike is completely stock at the moment. Some day I may fit a K&N airfilter and remove the under engine catalytic comverter.

    What is the best way to order your O2 mod? eBay or other method? I am willing to pay via whatever method works best for you.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ed Beehler
    221 Graves Drive
    Forest, VA 24551 USA

    [email protected]
    3/4Order ·
    Howdy Kev, just wanted to order your mod. [email protected] is my email. And just to make sure;

    Remus underfloor exhaust, K&N filter (air box delete to come soon), no aftermarket map installed.

    Im not missing any issues I may have adding your mod? 97 pages is a lot of info and I just wanted to make sure with you before I ordered. Ill be removing the canister too and changing the sprockets. Didnt think that would effect anything.

    Thanks much and let me know if you need any other info for an order! I dont have paypal, they dont get along with my bank.

    keith-iow ·
    morning young man........... i have been reading about your o2 eleminator kits on the ktm forum uk.. have you got one for a 2013 690smc-r.........

    and if so , how much and which is your prefered payment (to the Isle of Wight, England)

    thank you

    abstruse1 ·
    Kev, I installed the O2 converter I got from you on my '15 690 Duke, and can tell little if any difference. Unless I'm well above 3k RPM and try to accelerate in, say, 3rd gear, the bike jerks a lot.

    I'm not complaining, I just want to get this otherwise fine bike to be less annoying.

    I installed a PC-V a year or so ago with auto tune. So it's possible that something related to the PC-V is causing problem. The bike has a simple tube exhaust with M4 muffler (no cat) and I've opened the airbox a lot.

    Unless I can eliminate most or all of the jerkiness, I'm seriously considering removing the FI and fitting a carb.

    So: 1) What can you suggest? 2) If I removed the FI (maybe only the throttle body), will the ign work properly? 3) An unrelated issue -- I'd like this bike to idle lower, say 900-1,000 RPM. Maybe this can't be done with the FI, but if not, any reason I can't do this with a carb?

    Thanx for your help.
    andyf2ktm ·
    Hi Kev
    we spoke yesterday via ebay about the fuel mod, i would like to go about ordering one please...Hows that grab you..?

    ttboy1911 ·
    Hi Kev, looking for a start point setting on your fuel mod which ive had installed since last summer. Runs 100% better than stock, but I have since changed some things and would like a fresh start point to then adjust from. Current set up: '14 Duke US model, GPR SS exhaust open no sound baffle/no cat, K&N filter, DNA s2 cover, modded airbox (similar to KTM's mod), your O2 controller and fuel mod. Northeast US 60%-80% RH in summer, 24*c-30*c avg summer temp. I currently have it at about 3 o'clock, seems to run good, occasional[/I] very slight backfire pop under hard engine braking. Where would your recommended start point be and what are not so obvious signs of being too rich/lean so I can dial in? thank you
    mangocrazy ·
    Hi Kev,

    I don't have a KTM 690R yet, but it's in my immediate future. Having read through the thread related to your mods and how they cure part-throttle surging etc, I'm seriously thinking of getting them now, in advance of buying the bike, especially as demand seems to be sluggish and you seem to be thinking about withdrawing the mods.

    What mods do you sell for the 690R, how much are they, and how do I order? I'm in the UK, by the way. Also, are there any pre-requisites in order to get the best out of the mods?


    rupertexists ·
    Hi Kev, I have 690 Duke 2013 UK model and, at 3000 rpm and lower when I open the throttle the bike almost stalls, power comes in and out, the bike hops until the rpms pick up and it smooths out - is this the surging you talk about? If so I really need one of your O2 mods, where can I paypal the $AUD 130? Thanks Rupert
    WayneC83 ·
    Good Afternoon from the UK Kevin,

    Read some impressive stuff about your mods (and still reading)

    I notice you list 2 mods, O2 Mod and Fuel Controller, can these be run simultaneously? Is it just the fuel mod that you adjust to suit your own bike, and the O2 is fit and forget? (No adjustment?)

    What would be the cost in AUD for both (including P&P to UK) if they compliment each other?

    My bike has a single K&N filter in the race air box, with race cam and Akrapovic race exhaust (no cat)
    SbDuke ·
    Hi Kevin,
    Been reading about you O2 mod on the site. Just ordered and paid for one via your eBay page. I have a new 2014 690 Duke with a Yoshimura slip on. Excited to get it and install.

    Just wanted to touch base and let you know I placed an order. Let me know if you can that you received the order and payment via paypal.

    Hawke ·
    Hey Kev,
    Been snooping around the site a while and have come to realize you are the GURU! As you know KTM street bikes are not very abundant in the US and I have a hard time accepting the head scratching thinking I get from local KTM Techs. I'm not real educated about fuel injection so wanted to see if you can help. Have 2013 690 Duke, went to 15 tooth sprocket and just added Arrow de-cat pipe and can. Bike runs fantastic, no back fire under decoration, pulls real hard at top of tach. I'm not really looking for more power. I'm just afraid I'm running lean and don't know it, don't want to find out by melting it down. I have done nothing with filter or airbox. Does your controller take care of rich/lean adjustment? If so, How much $ and how quick can I get one? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks for your time and attention
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