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  • Scottpaul ·
    Hi Kev I`m here in the uk and I have a KTM 690 duke 2013 which I've had just over a year standard, I've just ordered the fresco de cat pipe and am looking at the best other mods without opening up the motor, was thinking air filter remap and your o2 and fueling? any advice and links to your ebay to purchase your items? Thanks, Scott
    bigtree ·
    Hi Kev,
    Someone was selling a new unused fuel mod on ebayuk so I have won it,just wondering if there are any particular instructions about fitting it.I have already bought the O2 mod off you,which works a treat.I have fitted a GPR GPE Exhaust with open link pipe and I asked the dealer to load the Akra map but he said they tried it but then said the bike didn't need it.Was wondering what your thoughts were on this or will your fuel mod do on it's own.Have been reading previous posts about the mod settings,about 3 o' clock position?
    Ajf2188 ·
    I am getting ready to install full akra with pre silencer, cam, air box/filter and mapping. I have been running my bike on setting 2, would you recommend your o2 upgrade with this set up??
    motowarren ·
    Kev I downloaded your instructiions and mostly just got a whole pile of crap screwing up my computer. Is there a better way of seeing installation instructions? and what was the last part on that page? something to do with the charcoal canaster?
    gdoublerb ·
    Hello Kev. I've had my 690 Duke since Oct. She was running great, but I installed a GPR midpipe and can + DNA S2 to amend the note and maybe give her some oomph. Now she'll stall occasionally when stopping. I assume she's too lean, but I think your o2 mod might be in order as well. I'm in the US. How can I buy at least the o2 mod? Thank you sir.
    deezee777 ·
    Hi Kev, Just purchased a 2013 duke 690 over here in NZ, thinking the o2 controller mod would be a cool addition, My email is [email protected] could you please send me more info, costs incl shipping etc thanks D
    shoppy ·
    Hi Kev,

    Picking up my 690 tomorrow and clearly your mod is something that everyone puts on the bikes so I'll be needing one as well.

    No performance mods on my bike out of the box but a full Akro system will be going on come first service. Sounds like your mod will benefit any bike though - rarely have I seen so many glowing reviews for the effect of a mod as I've been seeing here!


    kingkong ·
    Hello Kev,
    I bought an O2 mod for the Duke 4 from you a few months ago, thank you very much.

    I'm now thinking about getting your fuel mod, is this still available and how much does it cost? My set up is GPR GP Evo exhaust with end baffle in, mid dB killer out and cat out, your O2 mod and a K & N filter. Runs well but am experiencing the occasional stutter/hestitation when getting on the power in 1st, 2nd or 3rd, usually when the bike has warmed up a bit. It never happens when the bike is cold, which leads me to believe that when the bike has warmed up the FI leans the mixture out which causes the stutter when getting on the power gradually, which in city riding is quite often!
    Thanks, KK
    KAT01 ·
    Hey Kev,

    Any chance you've still got any O2 sensor mod boxes left?

    Been banged up with a cracked sacrum, but itching to be able to ride again without pain killers.

    Can't help but tinker whilst recovering.

    So magical Kevin, pretty please?
    KTMTim ·
    Hi, I am interested in your O2 mod for my 2013 Duke 690, I assume it will sort out low speed smoothness, I have a SP Engineering de-cat pipe and end can fitted. If I order and pay paypal, how long will it take to get one? Thanks in advance, Tim
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