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  • Ripperton ·
    Nah all good, I new you probably wouldnt see the message straight away for one reason or another but yeah 52 is a big jet and I definitely have one of those in my ebay set.
    I was in the rocks the other day with a 45 pilot jet in and I cracked the throttle to get the front up and it back fired so bad the air box panels hit my legs lol. Wonder how a 52 will effect fuel economy. With the motard wheels on it gets 200km on a tank (street riding)
    DW ·
    Sorry Mate, I haven't had a pc for the last 2 weeks and my phone isn't giving me notifications of visitor messages, only private messages. I am using someone elses at the moment. You might think I'm an a-hole for not replying, Believe it or not, I run a 50 or a 52 pilot, then just have the mixture only about 3/4 turn out. It improves acceleration significantly. Ktm won't list a jet that large, but simply just jump on the yamaha parts monster site and look up an 04-05 yzf450. Same carb and the parts are less than 1/2 the price of ktm.
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