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  • Chinaoreo ·
    hey steve..i saw where u said that u go the akra map installed.. i have the same mods as u ..midpipe..end can and k&n.. but been running with the stock map..bike seems to run fine..some popping small popping and backfiring on decel at certain rpm.. but i just cant help but to wondering if the akra map would help much..im really thinking about gettin in put on... dont know anybody else with a bike like mine but i read where people are talking about 4th gear wheelie with just throttle and a tug on bars..i get it to pull up in 3rd all day long but no 4th..unless a crest or coming off a hill..im a good rider been riding liter bikes for 20 years so i know its not that.. thanks for any input u can give me!
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