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  • redman ·
    Hi Wiwwee.

    I'm wondering if I should apply for the cannonball bike run.. How professional are the crew? Trustworthy? Do I need to be Rossi to get by?

    Are you going?

    Fleshgear ·
    I need your skills, so for all my mods coming soon, remus, kevo2,dna s1 and s2, i have my 600miles service 1 may, with akrapovic evo map, should I wait before install all those mods after the service, and perform the 15min idle, or is better to install the evo map with the mods
    cors187 ·
    The question i posted in the forums about a manual chain tensioner was real(not filler) :)
    I email motokiedas(they dont stock), emailed bikeworld(no reply).
    Do you know where i can get one from locally? or you think its not needed.
    Im about to have a look at the valve clearances and replace the rocker arms(21,000km), i figured i would ditch the stock cam chain tensioner.
    cors187 ·
    Gday , have you or your mates ever modified a bike so that it exceeds the 20% power rule(katsastus).? I know the street fighter bikes in finland must have to pass this or is everyone just risking it :)
    wiwwee ·
    Yep that's my 2012 Duke 690.

    That was a few years ago thou since I got a 2013 690R after that and now I have the 2016 690 R
    Lessthen3ee ·
    Sorry bro, just realised it was on a Duke 690! The 390 is the one with bar end mirror problems due to OEM inserts so you wouldn't really be able to help me hahah. Sorry my mistake man!
    Lessthen3ee ·
    Hey man, just saw your post of your bike with bar end mirrors on one of the posts on this website.

    I have the exact same bar end mirrors coming in the mail as you and am just wondering how you fitted them to your bars? I just pulled off the bar end weights yesterday to have a bit of a look and it seems like the room for a bolt in their is much smaller than what the mirrors require to insert in. How did you get them to fit in?

    Cheers dude, and sick mirrors!
    wiwwee ·
    Yes & no.
    Similar but made for light weight supermoto specific.
    Lower speed rating.
    Softer & grippy(er).
    Narrow and tall profile meaning good flick ability and change of direction with lot of sidewall to offer grip when leaned ower.
    Warms up fast and not really slippery even when brand new and not scrubbed in yet.

    The rear although same size is actually 1,1 cm narrower than a pilot power.
    Taller too.

    I love em.
    Trapper ·
    Howdy ...came across your name a few times as possible help for my stalling problem.
    I recently bought a 2014 690 Duke. It has 3100 miles. It has a IX race exhaust, with cat replacement pipe. Also has Kevs 02 mod. Previous owner says Akro map installed,Horrible stalling, bike when cold will start right up. Awful throttle on/off. Won't idle for more than a couple minutes without stalling. After trying to ride it, sometimes it'll start easily sometims taks a lot of starter time to re start. I think the previous owner became so upset from bad advice that he gave up. I have appointment with dealer I trust 2 hours away next week. I also have purchased a PCV with auto tune but haven't installed as I'd like to sort the stalling issue first.
    Do you have advice.? I'm in east TN. THANKS Tim...
    wiwwee ·
    the camshaft number is 762 360 100 44
    For the Pod filter and power curves I have no ansver since there isn't that many that have messed with the airbox and mapping on the newer bikes.

    For running hot try KTM PN - 83035045000 - THERMOSWITCH 80~85 DG
    c-ya ·
    I am planning to replace the whole tail section with a custom made frame that looks like the rear on the rc 390 cup. want to run K&N air filter instead of the air box
    KTM 690 Duke EVO Tuning Kit 75612945100, [air filter and cam]. Looks good but it says it is only good till 2012 model. Where can i find hp and power curves for available mods[cams, pistons ,i also live in florida and the bike gets hot at stop lights so i have to worry about it running hotter. I am a welder/ fabracator and want to end up with a custom race bike [look] for my daily driver. Any thougths or posts would be apprecaited.
    Thanks Dave,
    PS,I also asked this same question,i just purchased a controller from Kev,
    Attached Thumbnails
    2012> 690 SD O2 controller mod.-2014-ktm-rc390-race-bike-unveil-15.jpg
    wiwwee ·
    Mine was the newer model Duke 690 which is a lot more comfy than the old one so can't give you a direct ansver.
    For short distance hooning around you should be ok.
    long distance ... I wouldn't pick the old Duke.
    Actually the new Duke 690 isn't for touring either but my idea of touring is a bit different to most people.
    Full throttle and plenty of corners please
    filserb ·
    Hi wiwwee. Some of the members told me to contact you as being a tall rider on the Duke. I wanted to check how comfortable is Duke for you? I am 6'6'' considering to buy a Duke, but wanted to hear your opinion first. Peace!
    wiwwee ·
    Leo or Fresco.
    Either one will do.
    The leo has a small chamber so noise is a bit different but no major differences between the two.
    eranaf ·
    Hay wiwwee!
    I have a question for you, I have a leovince slipon exhaust Do I have to buy the 690 Duke 2012-2013 Bypass or should I complete the equipment of leovince And do you know the difference between them?
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