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  1. Ktm 125 wont start

    Two Strokes
    he means a spray can of cold start, it should be everywhere over there.
  2. Center stand available?

    Super Duke
  3. 2018 KTM 690 Enduro R cold idle and stalled engine restarting issue

    Yep, the dongle is only a bandaid even in the best circumstances.... Also fitting a dongle only means your driving on the ecu closed loop capability, older ecu have less processing, less useful range. They have been changing ecu often. Mostly the flagship duke 690 gets new ecu and it filters...
  4. AMatu trackdays Finland

    Moto Track Racing
    It will be good race track practice on Amatus smaller bike, he will get back on a bigger bike im sure. But theresa a few good ones to choose from apart from ktm Im planning to chase around his harley on the summer twisties rides.......... sparty oww my i need the gym.......... great vids I...
  5. Ktm 125 wont start

    Two Strokes
    ok i updated and merged threads , please continue.
  6. Ktm 125 wont start

    Two Strokes
    very nice, im in finland , from melbourne
  7. shift star\shift arm thread

    I got kind of laughed at when talking to a manager of a current v2 lc8 german race team last Autumn,i was asking about the shift mods, should i buy the factory pro. He said the rounded type is on old bikes as well as new, easier to manufacture.lots and lots of old bikes infact. I myself took...
  8. Selling my ‘19 SDR for a ‘20?

    Super Duke
    i would have went with rapid bike evo for low end fuelling grunt.... What about catching up with other sdr guys and let them ride it safely.. I want to do that to my rc8... Theres a few finnish GP riders who live in finland... I spun back on your old posts , you havent been liking that bike...
  9. shift star\shift arm thread

    You can see by the 1290 star that once the roller is over the peak , it follows some controlled slope but then it drops in sharp to the scalloped part... My thinking is the higher peak means more tension coming into the gear and after a controlled slope it drops into the gear position fast.. i...
  10. Beringer brake pads

    Offroad 4 strokes
    match up the shape...
  11. 2018 KTM 690 Enduro R cold idle and stalled engine restarting issue

    ive always thought these things are vacuum signal and fuel the reason is the extremely hard start after a stall. what does a stall do that a normal shut off doesnt? does the stall bounce a lean type wave back into the intake, the map sensor received some abnormal data, then you try start it and...
  12. PowerTRONIC Performance ECU

    General talk
    someone needs to throw this shtt out. budget freindly, feature packed.............. but in all honesty i thought powertronics was an old brand, this is just a relaunch, but obviously they be talking to much candy to take serious.
  13. PowerTRONIC Performance ECU

    General talk
    hi cw, i only read a little , was hoping the guy would come up with more data rather than me reading.
  14. Engine died?

    Duke Engine
    probable the weight from the starting camshaft was loose no32
  15. Help needed setting up new Carb on 13 KTM 50 SX, or???

    figure out if your getting a full fuel bowl, after that purposefuly tune the slow jet \idle system first. look in my sig for the racers thread. slavens has an economical way of tuning with wrist action.
  16. Selling my ‘19 SDR for a ‘20?

    Super Duke
    the 17-19 is a picture perfect. the 2020 is a muscled look, even better with rider on.............. the suspension better computer better its gonna hold extra thousands over its older counterparts
  17. my new RC8...

    Find a good online ktm parts finder, i use a local finland store UK https://www.trevorpopemotorcycles.co.uk/index.php?main_page=ktm_fiche_finder&gclid=CjwKCAiAvonyBRB7EiwAadauqf3T5gJ2xW39xdWdjIUtXUKNtxmkgMpCEzu9yNTebGtJREyOV2T72BoCgn0QAvD_BwE some are better than others The original...
  18. Nitrous on 1290 super duke

    Super Duke
    No2, its ussualy hidden with the throttle body parts page and is fitted in the front of stock air box as mash said 1 0081050161EJOT PT SCREW K50X16 14511.57 € 2 61041080000AMBIENT-AIR TEMPERATURE SENSOR30.42 € 3 61041085150RUBBER SUPP. PRESSURE SENS. 068.67 € 4 61041085100PRESSURE SENSOR...
  19. my new RC8...

    i think i found the same 3 codes on my bike, i cleared them and ive never had them return. 1 coil wasnt pushed down enough , thats all i found.
  20. my new RC8...

    lots of pics in here https://www.ktmforums.com/threads/rc8-rear-seat-fenders-ecu-in-the-back.127194/unread
1-20 of 426 Results