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  1. KTM has it’s best day in MotoGP

    Moto Track Racing
    Yeah i thought it did really well... Well, it and Pol.... the rest of the KTM riders, they're not quite cutting it for whatever reason. Is it them, is it the bike, i don't know... but apart from Pol, they're struggling lots.
  2. 790 Duke Ergo seats.

    Duke 790
    I wasn't particularly impressed with the ergo seat, i sold it after 2 rides.
  3. Track, racing helmet ok for Duke riding position?

    I'm not sure what 'other' type you'd think would work better ?
  4. New bike day : KTM 690 Duke.

    2019-09-13_02-36-49 by Steve Weeks, on Flickr 2019-09-13_02-36-40 by Steve Weeks, on Flickr Had a great lunch ride today, taking in some of my old favourite lanes along with some very much B roads, Tricky would have been proud of the amount of gravel :) 482 miles in now.... I may even get it...
  5. A quick intro

    Duke 790
    Awesome, congratulations. I had one just like that :)
  6. Joined today!

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome in, great little bikes the 390 :)
  7. WTF? Pirelli !

    Super Duke
    Mmmm really ? On a proper motorbike ? Mmmmmm not for me.
  8. Intro: New to Off-Road and New to KTM

    Offroad 4 strokes
    Welcome in, great intro :)
  9. MTC\ABS fail warning and no start

    I'll be curious as to what happens. My 18 690 does the ABS Fail on startup, did from when i collected it from the shop... but never been an issue so i was waiting until the 600 mile service... which may not be until next year
  10. New bike day : KTM 690 Duke.

    I had a few doubts with the heated grips the other day with them feeling a little 'fat' and firm. But today i got a little longer and also with some heat on them, damn they're addictive !!!! I could only use them on setting 1 of 4 though before my hands begun to melt from the heat ! Felt a...
  11. Crazy traveler?

    New Member Introductions
    Probably :) But no more than most humans :)
  12. New user to the forum

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome in, that looks a lot of fun !!!!
  13. Odd tire wear/scuffing

    Hmm that is interesting isn't it. I'm guessing whatever the 2CT tyre is (Pilot Power maybe ?) is a wider profile than standard even though both are a 160 (i am assuming ) and moving to a narrower tyre will resolve any of the issues. Of course, i'm not aware of manufacturers stating any of this...
  14. KTM 690 Duke R Won`t start after a week of cold stuttering

    Duke Engine
    Hmmm that could be something or nothing.. If it's cranking but not starting we're thinking more likely to be fuel starvation than a battery issue usually. But we've also seen where that's a crank bearing/camshaft/internal issue giving similar symptoms too at times...
  15. Front sprocket direction

    I'd say flat side out. Reason is, that the standard one is damped and has the 5-6mm flange on the inside. So stick both on the floor/worktop and see which side would replicate the standard position best.
  16. Odd tire wear/scuffing

    Put a piece of electrical tape along the inside edge of chain guard, folded over so it will contact tyre, you'll soon see if it is from any marks on it.
  17. Odd tire wear/scuffing

    Chain guard? When I fitted a Bridgestone S20 on my 16 I had to trim the chain guard. I'll see if I can find pic
  18. G'day everyone

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome in. If you keep naming then the only place we're taking you is to the sea, then you're going in :cool:
  19. Morning all another new owner :-)

    Welcome in and lovely bike! You'll have lots of fun!
1-20 of 188 Results