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Showcase cover image for 690 Duke Scrambler

General Information

690 Duke
Bike sat at a dealer for a while, bought in 2019 with only 900 miles on it.


15t front sprocket swap
42t rear sprocket swap
KTM PowerParts seat
Acerbis X-factory handguards
KTM engine guard bars
Front fender brackets to raise front fender to clear tires
Bar end mirrors with stock bar end weights turned down to fit mirrors
Decat and aftermarket slip on
Kev's O2 mod
Wheel and Tire
Continental TKC80 tires


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That is so sweet! Nicely done.

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Awesome bike! Well executed modifications. Well done

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I am planning to do something like that with 790. At least TKCs.

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At last. A scrambler that actually makes sense. I used to take my 690 off road a lot and always thought it would be great if it had some scrambler tyres on it. Makes much more sense than all the stupid scrambler projects I've seen of late. Nice job

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I love it! I just bought my 2015 Duke 690 in early 2020, with only 1,050 miles on it. Considering buying an enduro currently, I am thinking about a similar setup. I've also re-geared mine to 15/42 and love it. I swapped renthal bars and bark busters. Also added the engine cage/crash protection bars. Now I'm waiting on my Matris rear shock and Andreani cartridge kit, as the factory suspension is far to soft. Need to find a quality dual sport tire set now.

I rode miles of single track with my son yesterday. He was on his CRF50F and I was on my "supermoto'd" XR100, with Bridgestone STREET tires on it. It has a 16" XR 80 front wheel, factory 16" rear wheel, with Bridgestone 120/80-16 tires front and rear. I was expecting it to be HORRIBLE in the single track, but it was only "pretty bad"! It washed around a lot, and was quite loose, but made for having a lot more fun than usual, given the riding pace of my 7 year old on his 50! Made me even more excited to put some off road tires on my 690 Duke! If it were my forest road bike, I could then buy a new 300 XC-W, instead of the 500 XCF-W, that I intended to make pseudo street legal!

Any leads on who sells brackets to raise the front fender enough to clear the off road tires on this 690 Duke?

Here's the suspension setup I'm going with: