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Recent restoration project.
2016 KTM RC8r 2014 Red Bull KTM track bike
Absolutly love the big thumper sound and torque. But I wouldn't dream of taking this bike off road!
690 Duke for the forest service roads in PA
A start gate picture perfect stop action. My buddy big Mike on my right and buddy Tim on the left with the start of a great holeshot
The old ice racer in action circa 1990 something
One of my purpose built Honda ice racers
2 happy dirt bike guys
Old scrag but still got the goods
2019 Super Duke 1290 GT White
2019 KTM Super Duke GT (Black)
2019 KTM 1290 s (Orange)
2017 KTM Super Duke GT (Silver)
2014 Triumph Bonneville (Black)