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380 MXC
I found this bike for sale in the Seattle area Craigslist for $2800.00 I could not believe the shape it was in, let alone in person. The story is this: The original owner who obviously had far more money than morocycle riding experience bought this new in 2000. He put a few aftermarket stickers on it, and according to the odometer it only had 48 miles on it. I am aware the odo resets, but I believe it was un touched based upon tires are still stock with nubs, NO case wear, NO frame wear and the oils till had fresh break in "Sludge" in it.

I believe he rode it maybe twice, it scared him and in the garage it sat for 15 years. Needless to say he did not need to sell it, so there it sat. The next person that owned it wanted to make a snow bike out of it and his wife said "No way"....... He never even rode it. LOL.

Now I have it: A basically brand new 2000 KTM 380 MXC. Score.
2000 KTM 380 MXC



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