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125 sx
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  1. Two Strokes
    hello all, im new to the community as i just bought an 03 ktm 125sx, my first real bike. bought it from a friend and he ****ed it up. BAD. all i have to say is he forgot to press the inner race for the crank bearing on the crank on the stator side. i think thats all i have to say to explain...
  2. Two Strokes
    Hey guys I'm new to this forum but just thought I'd post this as I just fixed my leaky 2003 KTM 125 forks model no. 1418x725 They were leaking out of the compression adjustment screw located at the bottom of the fork. In my case both were leaking. Here are the steps I used. 1. remove leaking...
1-2 of 2 Results