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  1. Adventure
    Good morning fellow riders, I got an offer to buy heated seats from 1290 Super Adventure T for a great price! I'm a bit worried about backwards compatibility of the seat/connectors as I'm riding 1290 SAS from 2018. I know for sure that ergo seat from 1190 is not compatible as it has different...
  2. Super Duke
    Hi, I'm planning to buy a 2015 super duke with 30k on it, I'm wondering if that's allot for a super duke Thanks, Cody
  3. Adventure
    Hello all, so basically the title says it all. Have 160 hp was an appeal for me to get this bike and it has been very worth it. I am just wondering if riding that fast could have a negative effect on the bike (obviously I do it safely and with no traffic and unrestricted speed limit). What...
  4. Super Duke
    Waiting patiently... anyone have info on ECU tuning support for the 3.0 1290sdr?
  5. Super Duke
    Hi all new member I bought a Ktm 1290. Gen 1 I believe , and I think it has a issuise as it’s idiols little up/ down and u hear more throttle induction when it’s trying to accelerate under load , Struggles to accel from idiol to around 5500rpm then pulls fine It’s had o2 emilinators. , power...
  6. Super Duke
    Is there a way to have a dash board adjustment to lift a bit upward towards to rider on 1290 sdr 2.0 ?
  7. Adventure
    I’m wanting to put an arrow header on my 1290 and have it mapped. Curious if anyone on here has tried out this header and if you have had any problems? Any advice on a good place to have the bike remapped is appreciated. Thanks
  8. Super Duke
    Hi guys, 2 birds with one stone kinda post this. Greetings from Sunny South Africa. I took delivery of a 2018 SDR 2 weeks ago, with stupid low milage on, all the backs and bells and whistles guy could ask for. I have really been enjoying the machine, and as a road bike it ticks all the boxes for...
  9. Bikes
    $15,000 or best offer West coast of Florida 2019 Super Duke GT Black and Orange Approximately 4500 miles Fully serviced Excellent condition One adult owner No performance parts Lithium battery Lots of factory carbon fiber Factory engine guard Ceramic coated No crashes or tip overs Luggage...
  10. Super Duke
    Hey all, Very brand new to this forum, so hi! I've scoured the Internet and cannot find any help on this. Yesterday, I went to start the bike up to go to an appointment (last time I started it was last week), and there's zero electrical power. Nothing is working on the dash, no lights will...
  11. Super Duke
    Looking for a good LED aftermarket front turn signal. Something that doesn't look too out of place. Pictures will be great. Thanks in advance!
  12. Parts
    For Sale: KTM Part# 61308915100 KTM Short License Plate Holder 1290 Super Duke R 2014-2019 Excellent condition, two additional holes drilled in order to attach license plate (shown in photos). $90 OBO shipped to CONUS or local pickup near Knoxville, TN.
  13. Parts
    I’m looking to sell a rear tire stand for Super Duke R For $125 obo, reside in DFW area willing to meet local, or i can ship for a fee.
  14. Adventure
    Just wondering if it possible to upgrade a 2016 1290 SA with the new TFT screens?
  15. Parts
    sold sold sold
  16. Parts
  17. Parts
    to be deleted
1-17 of 17 Results