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  1. Adventure-all models
    So I'm slowly pulling together the mods and farkles I want for my 2023 SAR. My list is long and pretty clear so far, but there still seems to be a lot of backorder and supply chain problems in the retail side, particularly with KTM dealers here in Canada. A couple I have started with are below...
  2. General talk
    Hello everyone. Any thoughts on why KTM hasn't upgraded 1290 Super Adventure and 1290 Super Duke GT frames to the not-so-new-anymore Gen 3 Super Duke R frame?
  3. New Member Introductions
    I‘m Tim and this is my 2021 Super Duke I bought end of last year. I‘ve been reading through here a lot lately and I thought it would be time to say hello :)
  4. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Hi all. I had a spill on my super duke 1290r and need to replace the cat and silencer. Problem is that I had a full titanium akra system with sports cat and the connections are 63-65mm push fit with springs. Everything I'm seeing online is clamp fit. Can anyone steer me in the right direction...
  5. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Hi guys, Any ideas EO leaking on the ‘gear lever’ left side.
  6. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Hi guys, i own a SAS from 2019 great bike, love it! But i test drove a superduke yesterday it also was a 2019 model with almost the same miles as my sas. but the shifting on the superduke just feels way better , less “klunky” more smooth. does anyone know where that comes from?
  7. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Hello, I have a 2016 super duke r/ 7,000 miles. Every few rides I experience a huge loss of power towards the higher rpm’s and shifting into the next gear. The bike idles fine and gets around like normal when I’m not full throttle. I read that the fuel pumps were an issue, so I went and...
  8. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Does anyone know of any companies that sell or make tank extension blocks for a 20-22 sdr? Im taking it to the track on the 17 of September and want more control when hanging off in turns.
  9. Duke Frame, Wheels & Suspension
    I am looking for a KTM Superduke parts bike or salvage title bike from a wreck or theft ect to use for a special project if you have one for sale or know of any besides the ones on the auction sites. I mostly need the gas tank and trim pieces along with the tail section if possible. Thank you!
  10. Bikes
    If your looking at this ad then no description is really necessary as you probably already know more about the bike than I do. Regradless, here are a few details. 2019 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R for Sale with Extras Title in Hand 1. Side Pannier Carrier brackets 2. Radiator Guard 3. Top Mount...
    $15,000 USD
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone! Nice to meet you guys, i'm a 5 year 1290 super adventure R owner from Italy, I'm new around here and use this occasion to present my bike and my project and maybe have someone to help me out! I'm currently looking for help, I'm looking forward to buy a new 1290 superduke r...
  12. Super Duke 1290, 990
    hi i have been looking for an integrated tail light and i do not like the Blaster-X. i have found an alternative on alibaba.com ( Motorcycle Accessory Led Tail Light For Ktm Super Duke 1290 2014up - Buy Achterlichten Smoken For Ktm Super Duke 1290 2014up,Motor Achterlich For Ktm Super Duke...
  13. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Hello, A few years ago i had a small crash with the superduke 2018 model, fixed the left footpegs and went to driving again, when i got to do some laps on track, my shifter became loose al of a sudden, when i looked down the bolt that connects the shift rod to the relay lever was missing. When...
  14. Adventure-all models
    Good morning fellow riders, I got an offer to buy heated seats from 1290 Super Adventure T for a great price! I'm a bit worried about backwards compatibility of the seat/connectors as I'm riding 1290 SAS from 2018. I know for sure that ergo seat from 1190 is not compatible as it has different...
  15. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Hi, I'm planning to buy a 2015 super duke with 30k on it, I'm wondering if that's allot for a super duke Thanks, Cody
  16. Adventure-all models
    Hello all, so basically the title says it all. Have 160 hp was an appeal for me to get this bike and it has been very worth it. I am just wondering if riding that fast could have a negative effect on the bike (obviously I do it safely and with no traffic and unrestricted speed limit). What...
  17. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Waiting patiently... anyone have info on ECU tuning support for the 3.0 1290sdr?
  18. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Hi all new member I bought a Ktm 1290. Gen 1 I believe , and I think it has a issuise as it’s idiols little up/ down and u hear more throttle induction when it’s trying to accelerate under load , Struggles to accel from idiol to around 5500rpm then pulls fine It’s had o2 emilinators. , power...
  19. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Is there a way to have a dash board adjustment to lift a bit upward towards to rider on 1290 sdr 2.0 ?
  20. Adventure-all models
    I’m wanting to put an arrow header on my 1290 and have it mapped. Curious if anyone on here has tried out this header and if you have had any problems? Any advice on a good place to have the bike remapped is appreciated. Thanks
1-20 of 30 Results