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2 stroke

  1. 2010 150sx top end

    Two Strokes
    Hi everyone, looking for some help here as I am new to all of this, I bought the bike second hand and have probably only done 10 or so hours of riding since, The bike died on me well riding and a mate of mine has since stripped it down and said it needs a new top end, however he also said he...
  2. 2007 250xc

    Two Strokes
    I have a 2007 ktm 250xc. cleaned out the carb (made sure jets had flow) , changed the spark plug, (gets spark) rebuilt the top end (great compression) fresh oil change, fresh 42:1 gas mix, new air filter and it still won’t start. Any ideas what this can be ? Given up at this point 300$ later 😅
  3. 2004 KTM 250sx jetting problem?

    Two Strokes
    Hey, my 2004 250sx stutters after half throttle? It has an FMF fatty w/ a FMF shorty silencer, it is also running 91 oct 40:1 with lucas oil fully synthetic 2 stroke oil. It doesn't foul plugs, but sometimes will die when you first click it into 1st. My main issue is that it loses power after...
  4. KTM 300 XC-W

    Two Strokes
    2013 KTM 300 XC-W pretty much brand new never driven off-road 116 miles on the clock 2 stroke 60:1 mixture with only KTM oil Starts up with one kick runs great come check it out $6500 New york
  5. 250 sx no clutch

    Two Strokes
    Hi all I was other last week and my clutch packed in on me has pressure etc on my lever but bike done nothing when lever was pulled , got bike home ordered new clutch plates stripped bike and realised my inner hub and basket are notched up , have back bleeded my clutch as I do regular when I...
  6. 1999 250sx Won’t Hold Idle

    Two Strokes
    Hello, I made an account just to post this, I found this bike a few months back and have been going through it restoring it and ran into this problem. The problem is that it’ll idle for a bit then die out, not sure why but rlly annoying. I’ll try to post a video alongside it any help is welcome...