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  1. General talk
    Hay people have a 09 exc 300, wondering if it’s possible to swap out the frame, plastics, Tank, seat and expansion from a 2012 model for an updated looking exc? Any info appreciated cheers
  2. Sportminicycles
    I have a 2007 KTM 50 Mini adventure. My brother picked it up for free and we've been rebuilding it for my nephew. We thought we were home free until we quickly realized these small bikes have very sensitive carbs. At first it idled really high but ran and drove. We fixed the high idle then the...
  3. General talk
    Hello everyone, I have a 2020 ktm 250 xc-i with 90 hours. The bike has started to boil over whenever I get on the throttle, slow or fast does not matter, I’m running engine ice, new reeds and new water pump propeller. All seemes like doesn’t work. Coolant is also flowing smoothly from what I can...
  4. Two Strokes
    Hi, bought this bike 6 months ago and heard a rattle from the exhaust/expansion chamber recently when the bike is off and wheeling it around. Took the exhaust off and you can hear it when shaking. I can’t see it and it is too large to get out of the exhaust. I’ve attached a video of it, if...
  5. Two Strokes
    Hey everyone new to the group and the KTM scene does anyone know if other cylinders off of bikes that are different years fit the 2003 KTM 300EXC? I’ve read that they discontinued making the part but if I could find a cylinder my bike would be complete. Please and thank you.
  6. Two Strokes
    Hey everyone, hoping for some advice/ideas. My partners 2014 Freeride 250r(2stroke) will not start when cold. Has had; -new Lithium battery (160cca) -upgraded bendix/crown wheel -new bendix bushings -new 410w starter motor ( aftermarket) -regular gearbox oil changes -clucth bleed as it was...
  7. Classic & Vintage KTMs
    I got a free dirt bike and I can't figure out what year or cc it is. Any help with identification would be greatly appreciated. I'll attach some pictures. It's pretty.. beat up.. that would be an understatement. It's going to be a labor of love to restore this thing but before I start I need to...
  8. Two Strokes
    Okay so I got a 2001 KTM 200 and there's a hole right below the power valve window on the clutch side of the motor as you can see in the picture it spits out oil whenever it's revving up exhaust fumes and I know it's not supposed to just be open like that is there like a tube or something that's...
  9. Two Strokes
    Ok so first and second gear run like dog **** its very buggy and won't open up, 3rd and the rest of the gears seem okay but it also doesn't go as fast as the bike should go it cuz it's only topping out at maybe 40 45mph and I know the bike does a lot faster than that and it's got good...
  10. Two Strokes
    Trying to loosen the clutch basket nut to gain access to the gear shifter lever. Nut refuses to budge. I'm clamping it and having my partner hold the clamp in place as I attempt to loosen the nut with a 27mm socket. Should I be using an impact to try and get it off? Is there something I'm missing?
  11. Two Strokes
    Hey everyone, Just noticed that I’m getting a faint liquid line when I’m compressing the front forks. I was looking into rebuilding them. There is an EBR decal on the forks and I was wondering if anyone has had experience with the company because I can’t find much info online about them. I just...
  12. Two Strokes
    Hey everyone, New to working on dirt bikes, took my 2006 KTM XC 2 stroke out for a ride and it would shut off if I stopped giving it throttle. Eventually it wouldn’t kick start at all. Also the throttle lost all resistance (still has range of motion just does not snap back at all). I pulled the...
  13. Two Strokes
    I was riding my bike and the chain snapped and has folded itself up around the front sprocket. I thought I got lucky and it didn't damage the case at all. Upon adding the new chain onto the bike I noticed some damage around the front sprocket where the chain has dug into the case and worn a hole...
  14. Two Strokes
    Broke a post on my inner clutch hub. Tried to order new one and its discontinued with no replacement listed and can't find aftermarket or used one.
  15. Two Strokes
    So to make my bike street legal I have to add blinkers, cuz the previous owner deleted Them. Anyone know what this connects too?
  16. Two Strokes
    So my issue us very very strange i put tranny fluid in my 2016 85 17 ounces of 15w-50 i rode it about 2-4 times drain it because it was smoking a good bit especially when in 1-3rd gear and there is exactly 14 ounces of fluid that i drained about 3 months ago i replaced the right crank seal and...
  17. Two Strokes
    My dad had this 1996 KTM 125 EXC in pieces and those pieces have traveled with us from home to home for about 20 years now. I have taken up the task of rebuilding it for a second bike to romp around on. One major issue I have run into is I cannot find the crank and connecting rod. part number is...
  18. General talk
    Take a lap with me around a local track, shot on my go pro 9!
  19. Two Strokes
    I need some help I was wondering if I could fit a 2004 ktm 300 clutch kit in a 2000 ktm 300 mxc, prob unlikely but I was just wondering
  20. Two Strokes
    hello all, im new to the community as i just bought an 03 ktm 125sx, my first real bike. bought it from a friend and he ****ed it up. BAD. all i have to say is he forgot to press the inner race for the crank bearing on the crank on the stator side. i think thats all i have to say to explain...
1-20 of 26 Results