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  1. 2004 KTM 250sx jetting problem?

    Two Strokes
    Hey, my 2004 250sx stutters after half throttle? It has an FMF fatty w/ a FMF shorty silencer, it is also running 91 oct 40:1 with lucas oil fully synthetic 2 stroke oil. It doesn't foul plugs, but sometimes will die when you first click it into 1st. My main issue is that it loses power after...
  2. 1999 250sx Won’t Hold Idle

    Two Strokes
    Hello, I made an account just to post this, I found this bike a few months back and have been going through it restoring it and ran into this problem. The problem is that it’ll idle for a bit then die out, not sure why but rlly annoying. I’ll try to post a video alongside it any help is welcome...