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  1. Two Strokes
    I have a 2000 Ktm 250sx that I cannot get the inner clutch cover off of, and no, I’m not having trouble getting the power valve rod clip off, rather my problem is even after doing so there is no way to separate the cover from the engine (see pictures). The rod gets caught preventing the cover...
  2. General talk
    Hi just a question does anyone know if it’s possible to find a vin from a engine number and if so how, i recently bought a ktm (second hand) and the frame is powdercoated. I’ve sanded back the hole neck of the bike back to the silver still no numbers nothing help would be appreciated.
  3. Two Strokes
    Hey gang, I got my 03 250SX back from a 5 month rebuild and have been on it 4-5x, including a 5hr trail ride day… it’s been running great, but every time I start it but once it requires a full 10-15min workout of kicking. 😅 I’m south of Austin, TX (1000ft elevation; 95deg in summer). I’m...
  4. Two Strokes
    I recently got a 2003 250 sx that has a difficult time getting kickstarted. It has compression and is able to start by bump starting. After the engine warms up it runs and rides fine and holds idle. The spark seems a little weak so we tested a new OEM stator and the readings were the same to the...
  5. Two Strokes
    Hey everyone. I’m looking to get a new long range tank for my 03 250sx however here in australia i cannot seem to find any for my bike. Does anyone know if any other model tanks fit or any places that sell long range tanks? Thanks i’m advance.
  6. Two Strokes
    Howdy, y’all. First post here. First time owning a dirt bike. First time working on one. Lots of firsts... Long story short, I just bought this 06 250SX from a guy that used it on trails with his buddies here in San Antonio, TX (1000-1400ft elev.). It sat for most of the last 2yrs & the most...
  7. Two Strokes
    Hey, my 2004 250sx stutters after half throttle? It has an FMF fatty w/ a FMF shorty silencer, it is also running 91 oct 40:1 with lucas oil fully synthetic 2 stroke oil. It doesn't foul plugs, but sometimes will die when you first click it into 1st. My main issue is that it loses power after...
  8. Two Strokes
    Hello, I made an account just to post this, I found this bike a few months back and have been going through it restoring it and ran into this problem. The problem is that it’ll idle for a bit then die out, not sure why but rlly annoying. I’ll try to post a video alongside it any help is welcome...
1-8 of 8 Results