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  1. Two Strokes
    Hey gang, I got my 03 250SX back from a 5 month rebuild and have been on it 4-5x, including a 5hr trail ride day… it’s been running great, but every time I start it but once it requires a full 10-15min workout of kicking. 😅 I’m south of Austin, TX (1000ft elevation; 95deg in summer). I’m...
  2. KTM 540 DXC.jpg

    My favorite KTM I own! A 1992 540 DXC wide ration 2 smoker! Insane bike to ride.
  3. Two Strokes
    Hi everyone, I just bought a 1996 ktm exc. the guy I bought it from did not have the service manual and I’m not sure what fuel/oil mixture to use.
1-3 of 3 Results