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  1. Adventure-all models
    I just closed on a 0 mile 2022 390 adventure, while i was researching a bike i saw either a picture thread or a video where someone had a black or gray collored cylindrical slip on (or possibly full exhaust) that had a dog emblem to the left of the brand name on it. it looked very good but i...
  2. General talk
    I have a 2021 390 adventure with the stock seat. I find the seat very uncomfortable after about 1 hour of riding. Anyone find the same thing. I'm looking for a replacement seat. Any recommendations. I don't want the KTM ergonomic seat as it raises the height slightly. Thanks.
  3. Adventure-all models
    Hello, I have an issue with my 2020 390 Adventure Bluetooth not communicating with my phone (IPhone 11pro). Both the phone and bike show they are paired but will not connect/communicate between each other. I have erased/deleted and repaired the bike and the phone several times and I still...
  4. Adventure-all models
    Hi there! Wondering if anyone had been able to figure out why the 390 adventure stalls while reducing gears when trying to come to a stop! It doesn't happen Everytime but often enough to make it annoying. I had the cold start issue that other 390 adv bikes have but I solved it by putting up...
  5. Adventure-all models
    A little context ( I check my oil levels at the proper engine temp 4 Bars on a flat surface with the bike leveled, Its been 10 months since I've purchased this bike and after 3,200 mileage mark been having issue after issue Current mileage around 3,500+ ) I ride it frequently. After a good 1...
  6. Adventure-all models
    I have just installed the givi windshield on my 390 adventure, the one with the adjustable height. Anyways, I went to the highway with my givi windshield on its highest setting to test the air flow while at max speed. I came up with the surprise that the max speed was of 142 kilometers per hour...
1-6 of 6 Results