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  1. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    I have 2022 KTM Duke 390 and downloaded the KTM Myconnect app for Iphone but unfortunately i do not see the bluetooth option in the bike tft screen menu. How do i connect the app to the bike or enable bluetooth?
  2. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    I have 2022 KTM Duke 390 with just 584 kms but the warning indicator and service label is on. Any ideas what might be the cause of this. Also can anyone suggest a reasonable OBD diagnostic tool that i can use to scan the bike.
  3. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    I have looked all online and I cannot find anywhere that has guaranteed fitment for clutch plates on my 2022, RC 390. Can anybody point me in the right direction I would imagine the 2020 clutch plates would fit on the 22 but I would like some advice on the subject.
  4. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    Hello group members, my name is Matt and I'm new here. I have a problem with my gears getting stuck, or not finding them easily. I recently changed clutch plates, after slipping clutch. Everything was perfect after then. Went for a 30 minute ride doing high speeds when I heard a clank clank so I...
  5. United Kingdom
    Hi Guys, Does anyone know where the crankcase PART numbers are located? (NOT the engine number) For a 390 duke UK. I'm not sure what year, which is why I want the part number, and would I need only to remove the covers or would I need to split the casings to find it? Any help greatly appreciated
  6. Duke Frame, Wheels & Suspension
    I am looking for a KTM Superduke parts bike or salvage title bike from a wreck or theft ect to use for a special project if you have one for sale or know of any besides the ones on the auction sites. I mostly need the gas tank and trim pieces along with the tail section if possible. Thank you!
  7. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    Hi everybody, Just got myself a used 2014 Duke 390 for the first time and really liking the potential of the bike. Was wondering if anyone else felt maybe the foot pegs were a little far back for comfort or maybe its just me? Looking at it, seems like the whole foot peg assembly crosses with...
  8. Adventure-all models
    I have just installed the givi windshield on my 390 adventure, the one with the adjustable height. Anyways, I went to the highway with my givi windshield on its highest setting to test the air flow while at max speed. I came up with the surprise that the max speed was of 142 kilometers per hour...
  9. Adventure-all models
    Hello everyone! I made my own KTM Adventure 390 windshield project. I made few updates and I wanted to share it with you! I designed and made on CNC custom windshield which perfectly matches edges of original windshield added nuts in the back of mounts so they will last longer and hold...
  10. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    Hi everyone, after doing an oil change on my 2017 Duke 390 the bolt snapped off on the oil filter cover even though I torqued to recommended specs. I tried to use a reverse drill bit and screw extractors based on other users' posts. However, the screw extractor drill bit broke off as well, plus...
  11. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    I keep getting a low oil pressure warning on my 2016 390 duke. I finally took it to the shop and they confirmed that it isn't the oil level or the oil filter. The dealer measured the oil pressure at 2.6bar on idle (I am told the limit is 0.6bar). The dealer said I could take it back and just...
  12. General talk
    Hello guys and girl, I’ve started making vids on YouTube as a hobby and was looking for some feedback, likes/dislikes be as honest as you can, Check out this one and let me know your thoughts if you have a spare few minutes, thanks and if you enjoy don’t forget to like and subscribe 😂 you know...
  13. Australia/New Zealand
    Howdy Orange lovers!! :) Peeps call me Valvoline, and my trusted metal steed is my 'Lawnmower' 2016 KTM Duke 390 (1st in Australia to be ADV'd). My Lawnmower has seriously surprised me in what it has been capable of doing.... 75,000kms in 2 years. Toured around most Australia and probably has...
1-13 of 13 Results