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  1. Sportminicycles
    First post and new to the forum. I just purchased a new to us 2018 50SX and there is a couple of times but the carb it weeping gas. It hard to pin point the source, the right side is wet, but no obvious leaks. In tightened up the bowl screws but no luck. Any ideas, I’ve see some similar posts...
  2. Sportminicycles
    Hi. FNG here. I recently purchased a power reduction kit for my sons 2019 50sx and cannot seem to find any helpful resources for instructions. I went to begin the installation and found that the carburetor it came with is completely different; the intake and outlet diameters are not the same and...
  3. Sportminicycles
    Hello all. I recently picked up a 2005 KTM 50 Mini Adventure for my kids to use. After doing some riding and research, I put together this video on adjusting the centrifugal clutch. Hopefully it will help others on here find a good setup or answer any questions you may have about the clutch...
1-3 of 3 Results