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690 duke
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  1. Duke
    I stored it for several months, it was running great before that. Now when I turn the key on the Fl light flashes 8 slow and 9 fast. According to the manual that means motor drive - stiff/stuck. I have scoured the internet looking for the answer and haven't found that code mentioned anywhere...
  2. Duke
    I'm sure lot of us have had the v bands break on the exhaust.... I've already replaced mine more than once. I decided to change to a more heavy duty v band for turbos. Just wanted to know if anyone has made that move and if so, what diameter did you go with? I took a shot in the dark and went...
  3. Duke
    Hello, i have recently bought a ktm Duke 690 2014 yearmodel as my first bike. The problem is i that i tried to change the mapping below the seat to 0. When i did this i can only drive the motorcycle for about 45-60 minutes before the F1 Lights turn on and it revs down and i can only go MAX...
  4. Duke
    Hi! Does anybody here have the IRC quickshifter and blipper with a good configuration they'd like to share? Mine is a tad bit wonky so would like to hear if someone else has perfected it.
  5. Parts
    Need a new clutch basket for a 2017 690 Duke. Been looking for an OEM one for well over a month with no luck. At this point I’ll take anything really, pre owned or aftermarket, I just want to get out riding again. Any leads or help is greatly appreciated!
1-5 of 5 Results