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  1. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hi Everyone, hoping someone can help me with this I have an '09 690SMC which I absolutely love and was running well (bit of the idle stalling issue but nothing terrible enough to address it) then I broke my knee January last year and haven’t been able to ride (or do anything else) since due to...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi! Im new to this forum and to KTM world in general :) I own a KTM 690 Enduro that Im starting to build it for rally as I have plans to participate in rally events and roadbook competitions. Im starting by getting rid of the extra weight first and so far I could take almost 6Kg off!
  3. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hello ! Just chasing some advice about my turbo ktm 690 im having issues when running the turbo hooked up it will jerk and loose power, it idles normal and when charge pipe removed it reva out fine when riding Not sure if its a map issue or not i am running a pcv. Any suggestions would be...
  4. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hey everyone, 201 has been in the barn for a while after inheriting it from my step dad. I took it for an MOT where I noticed mileage was far higher than the last one, despite knowing it had mainly been off road. On my way home I did ~500 miles, and I calculated for every mile I did, around...
  5. Duke Frame, Wheels & Suspension
    I am looking for a KTM Superduke parts bike or salvage title bike from a wreck or theft ect to use for a special project if you have one for sale or know of any besides the ones on the auction sites. I mostly need the gas tank and trim pieces along with the tail section if possible. Thank you!
  6. Duke 690, 390, 125
    Hello I am looking for suggestions to upgrade my duke 690 from 2014. Here is a short list of mods I have already done. -kevs o2 and fuel mod -dna s2 filter -Tail tidy -Matt gecko led headlight with orange cover -carbon fibre wrap -comfort seat -yoshimura slip on -leovince decat -passenger...
  7. Duke 690, 390, 125
    Hello, I have a 2014 Ktm duke 690 and over the past few months I’ve had to top the oil up twice because I noticed it had gone below the sight glass. It has 16k kilometres just wondering if this is normal for this bike or should I get it checked out. Any tips are appreciated
  8. Duke 690, 390, 125
    Hello I want to install speakers and subwoofer on my 2014 duke 690 I was thinking of cutting holes for speakers up at the from under the fairing and under the tail at the air box or seat. Does anyone think this well not be good for the bike to cut hole for speakers under the tail or anywhere...
  9. Duke Engine
    Traded for this 2015 Duke 690 and the engine needs a rebuild. Dealer wants too much to rebuild it so I'm willing to do it myself. Looking to purchase whole LC4 from Duke IV or to purchase parts piece by piece. Located in Dallas, TX. Will pay to ship item if not local. Any part helps!
  10. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hey i was riding my 690 smc-r last night and it was raining pretty heavy. Suddently the bike died and does not start anymore, even after it has dried. It does not give any FI error codes and it says this message "soft 4.1 dat 1.3" in the gauge. Any help is appreciated and tell me where should...
  11. Duke 690, 390, 125
    Hello all, Recently got ahold of a second hand duke with some gremlins. Bike wouldnt start and hadnt run in 2+ years. Started from the basics. Changed out spark plugs, did an oil change, drained the gas tank, flushed it, changed the fuel pump since the original was corroded and gunked up, and...
  12. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hi. I recently bought a Zaddox speedometer for my 2009 SMC. I’m having trouble installing it and don’t understand the wiring diagram for the bike. I measured the cable i thought was ground and power and both of them delivered 12v while the other cables delivered close to 0v, which means that the...
  13. Duke 690, 390, 125
    Hi guys, This is my first post here so I hope I don't break any rules. First of all, I did my search on the forum but couldn't find something similar to my problem: The bikes sounds perfect on idle, no rattling or metallic sound at all. But when I'm driving, whenever I open the throttle from...
  14. Duke 690, 390, 125
    Hi! Does anybody here have the IRC quickshifter and blipper with a good configuration they'd like to share? Mine is a tad bit wonky so would like to hear if someone else has perfected it.
  15. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hello all, I recently had to change the front master cylinder and I tried bleeding the system like any other motorcycle. (Master cylinder to caliper pumping the lever) but this time I cannot get any pressure to the lever and the pads don't move at all. I tried reverse bleeding and still cannot...
1-15 of 15 Results