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  1. Duke 790,890
    I've test driven the 790, and loved it, but wasn't a fan of the brakes. I'm really tempted to get the 890 since it seems to improve on everything, but the 790 is like $7.5k right now and the 890 is $11.7k (plus the $750 tech package which is included in the 790 already). While the 790 may have...
  2. Parts
    Was gud guys, so I have a 2020 790 duke with orange rims and I want to trade with someone that has black rims. My tires are practically brand new only have 800 miles on them so I’d like to keep them. I’m willing to pay to change out the tires. If anybody has black rims and wants orange rims hmu !
1-2 of 2 Results