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  1. Adventure-all models
    Hi All, first post. I recently sold my 1190 (none R also). I could ride it off road but it was a lot of work for me. getting older.. I am interested in an 890 (None R) I found locally but have not had a chance to ride it yet and when I do, I doubt they will let me take it down a nice bumpy 2...
  2. Adventure-all models
    Has anyone had any issues with putting a full-size roadbook on the stock headlight assembly on a 890 ADV R ? I am thinking about getting one and mounting it on the gps spot above the dash, but am worried and the weight being an issue. Would something like the Rottweiler brace be enough to...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey all. Took a bike course in the spring and got my license shortly after. Bought a 2022 890 adventure and loving it!! I keep up with the Harley's and play with the dirt crowed. The machine runs well now I just have to get good at it.
  4. Duke 890, 790
    Recently had my clutch switch replaced and started playing with the quick shift. Not sure if this has anything to do with my issue. Was on my way to work and the bike started to stutter and skip in 4th gear. Got worse 2km down the road. Traveling 80kmph. Started to do it in every gear...
  5. Adventure-all models
    hello everyone, I bought my 890 adv r this month and after 200 km, bike started to show an ABS and MTC failure message. I stopped the engine and turned it off and on but nothing changed. I rode slowly and tested both systems, and the cruise control and they were really offline. I took the bike...
  6. Adventure-all models
    I am installing heated grips and seats. Grips, seat and control module are installed, heated seat is working great. The install guide shows the grips pulling into a plug on the bike with no mention of opening the headlight. The dealer tells me I have to wire to one of the Accessory leads, but...
1-6 of 6 Results