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abs failure
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  1. Adventure
    Recently I have been having issues with my 2019 KTM super adventure r. I took it in for a 9000 mile service and the shop did me the “favor” of updating the software. Since then, I’ve been having numerous failures. First off is the speedometer, it keeps failing and reverting back to 0mph, no...
  2. Duke
    Hey there i bought a 2nd hand duke 390 old version (2016 )model and was very happy about it .when buying the bike there was some issues but i could have handled but later on i got an abs malfunction that was so disturbing .when i showed this to showroom they told that they have to diagnose it...
  3. RC390 , 250 , 125
    Rear brake disc heating and abs not working
  4. Duke
    i had just put on a tail tidy kit from r&g and i had accidentally had the wires switched around for the new tail light, so i switched them and it worked fine, when i went to plug in the rear blinkers something happened with the computer display where it shows mph and everything it said abs...
1-4 of 4 Results