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  1. Duke 790,890
    Hi all - new to the formum so hello! I recently bought a KTM 890 Duke 2022 model in the UK and the Akra slip on can. The can doesn't come with the baffle removable without gaining access to the bolt hidden behind the carbon cover. I'd like to get my garage to drill it to gain access (so I can...
  2. Super Duke
    Hi guys! i going to remove my kat soon! So does Akra map work well with Leovinve decat or Bodis decat? If it dosent work at all do i need dyno?
  3. Super Duke
    High there, apologies as I searched but couldn't find an answer to two questions. 1. I am looking at a 2016 super duke r but it has 53000 km's (about 30k miles) is anyone aware of bikes with similar mileage and are they more trouble than they are worth? It has a good service history. 2. They...
  4. Duke
    Hey, does some of you have experience with the Akrapovic full exhaust with EVO map without the EVO airbox and SAS removal kit on the duke 690 2016? is the SAS remove necessary? I will get me the airbox but dont know about the SAS delete.
  5. RC8/RC8R
    Hey all, looking to purchase an evo 6 system, willing to trade an evo 4 full system + cash if need be. depending on price i could also just buy one then sell my evo 4 to recoup. Let me know if interested, thanks. my evo 4 system has 1100 miles on it thus far, pretty much perfect condition...
  6. Europe
    Hi, so im basically having a problem, the guys that inspect bikes, and then edit your homologation papers told me that my ECE Type-Approval Certificate is not compatible with my exhaust, because of the numbers that dont match, I bought this exhaust of someone that had it on duke 690 also, but I...
  7. Parts
    Check my ebay auction. If it doesnt sell I will relist. Possibly part out the lot. Fender eliminator SAS delete blocks and plug CNC billet orange reservoir caps Akrapovic 1290R edition Carbon/titanium slip on. I have the insert. Cat delete pipe Carbon single seat exhaust hanger Sold bike as...
  8. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hey guys I have a problem bit Evo kit 1 filter cover... So until yesterday I had a Akra slip-on and Akrapovic evo kit 1 mapping with BMC filter and original filter cover. Revving to 8500 easily. Then I fitted the EVO kit 1 filter cover - the bike was a bit louder at the intake side, but I...
1-9 of 9 Results