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  1. Clutch Master Cylinder Leaking / Clutch Slipping once hot

    Offroad 4 strokes
    I notice my master Cylinder appears to be leaking out through the top screws and my clutch begins to slip noticeably after riding for a good 20 minutes. On a side note my clutch lever has zero free play and does not fully disengage. Is the clutch shot? or do I just need to rebuild / replace...
  2. 2017 690 Duke Clutch basket

    Need a new clutch basket for a 2017 690 Duke. Been looking for an OEM one for well over a month with no luck. At this point I’ll take anything really, pre owned or aftermarket, I just want to get out riding again. Any leads or help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Clutch grabbing when not fully engaged. Exc125

    Two Strokes
    So, when I let the clutch out slowly with half throttle, the clutch grabs a couple of times (and makes a kind of scratch like sound) before I fully engaged it. So the bike jumps forward about 2-3 times as I let the clutch out. Changed leaking master cylinder and bled the clutch cable, got better...
  4. Clutch issue 690 Enduro

    Hello all, I am hoping the combined wisdom here can help me out. My wife and I both have 690 Enduros (hers is a 2016 - 11K mi; mine is a 2014 -15K mi) we were on a 3 day trip when both of our bikes started to rattle under acceleration... it also looses "power" as in the bike not accelerating...
  5. KTM 50 2012 locked rear wheel - clutch issue?

    Two Strokes
    So my KTM 50 SX 2012 was running just fine and the bike stalled on my daughter as rear wheel locked. My first thoughts was it seized? The bike wont kick over also. While pushing the bike it 'push started' and it runs fine, I can kick start it with the rear wheel lifted off the ground also...