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  1. Duke 890, 790
    Heard you can just get the akro fuel map from KTM if you decat your exhaust. Obviously wont be perfect but it’d be a million times cheaper than getting a RapidBike or Coober. thoughts?
  2. Duke 890, 790
    Hey 890R Squad, I have a Crt-M2 exhaust and I was wondering what I should get after I decat the bike. I know a full tune is the best but heard Rapidbike Tuning had a auto fuel tune and was easy to install. https://rapidbike.us/products/rb-evo-ktm-790-dukeadv-2018-2020 ThenI learned about...
  3. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Hi guys! i going to remove my kat soon! So does Akra map work well with Leovinve decat or Bodis decat? If it dosent work at all do i need dyno?
  4. Duke 890, 790
    I recently bought a decat for my duke 890 and and put the stock muffler back on. It sounds amazing. If you are thinking of decating your duke and using the stock muffler, do it. It’s cheap and sound great.
1-4 of 4 Results