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duke 125
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  1. Duke
    Hello. I just bought a new 2013 ktm 125 duke and the speed doesn’t show. When I pass 11 kph/ 6.8 mph I just drops to zero and doesn’t work. I have checked the sensors and the wires and they are not damaged. Can I fix it or do I have to bay a new one? And where can I bay one for the front and back?
  2. Duke Engine
    Hi! I`m having a problem with my duke, I changed the oil and filter by myself, did everything like you have to do, right oil, right filter. Today I went for a ride, when I came to my garage and lubricated my chain, it wasn`t starting anymore, starter is spinning fast, like there is no...
  3. Duke
    I have a 2019 ktm duke and everything was running as it should till the other week. I've had my leg crushed at work and have been able to retrieve the bike till now so its been out in the frost and wet for a month. Anyway I went to start the bike it started as it should no problems and I left...
  4. Duke
    Hello i have problems with my duke 125 2017 i know its not a great topic on here but i need some help. I had a 2014 duke 125 before with 37k on it never had any problems when starting or driving but recently it was stolen so i bought the newer model from 2017 it now has 13k on it, it goes out...
  5. Duke
    Hi guys i just joined the forum and I hope this is the right section. I got a 2019 duke 125. And i have spotted a cruise control led in the cluster tho it doesn't light up. Is it possible to enable this feature? I would imagine that all the hardware except the button to enable it is already...
  6. Duke
    Hi guys, I'm riding 2014 KTM Duke 125 and I had confronted with the power lose problem. If motorcycle engine is not very hot, it's rides a bit better but still at 5-6 gear when you ride at 8-11k RPM you're not going any faster just making sound like your on neutral gear and pushing gas all the...
1-6 of 6 Results