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  1. Duke
    I am using a translator, thank you for your understanding. I am riding KTM Duke 390 MY 2019 ODO 36000km I recently underwent a warranty engine repair Received warranty repairs a total of 2 times at the head office air filter backflow and broken fuel plug I got it repaired and the warranty...
  2. Duke
    Hello everyone, Recently i came across froth in the engine oil in my duke 250 india. I have attached some photos to this thread and i have done 2400km on odo. Looks like bubbles of the engine oil. These bubbles goes away 5 min when i stop riding it. I have also noticed that there is slight...
  3. Duke 790,890
    Hello Everyone, I've been combing through the forums to see if I can find a post with a solution for my issue, but I have not found one yet. I was hoping maybe you guys could help me out in narrowing the culprit. My issue is with my rear brake lights. At a certain temperature, the brake lights...
  4. Duke
    Hello all, Recently got ahold of a second hand duke with some gremlins. Bike wouldnt start and hadnt run in 2+ years. Started from the basics. Changed out spark plugs, did an oil change, drained the gas tank, flushed it, changed the fuel pump since the original was corroded and gunked up, and...
  5. Duke
    Hey, does some of you have experience with the Akrapovic full exhaust with EVO map without the EVO airbox and SAS removal kit on the duke 690 2016? is the SAS remove necessary? I will get me the airbox but dont know about the SAS delete.
  6. Duke
    Hi everyone, after doing an oil change on my 2017 Duke 390 the bolt snapped off on the oil filter cover even though I torqued to recommended specs. I tried to use a reverse drill bit and screw extractors based on other users' posts. However, the screw extractor drill bit broke off as well, plus...
  7. New Member Introductions
  8. Duke
    Hi guys, This is my first post here so I hope I don't break any rules. First of all, I did my search on the forum but couldn't find something similar to my problem: The bikes sounds perfect on idle, no rattling or metallic sound at all. But when I'm driving, whenever I open the throttle from...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hi, my name is Radek. :D Im producer of engine covers, this covers Engine Covers on eBay. You can find there coovers for 690, drz 400, duke 125/200 and duke 390. Probably few or more people have it on bikes. Also my first love are motocycles. Last one was Italian TM SMX 450 track only for...
  10. General talk
    Hello guys and girl, I’ve started making vids on YouTube as a hobby and was looking for some feedback, likes/dislikes be as honest as you can, Check out this one and let me know your thoughts if you have a spare few minutes, thanks and if you enjoy don’t forget to like and subscribe 😂 you know...
  11. General talk
    Check this out was on the hunt for camping stuff, please show some support by hitting the like button and subscribing to the channel, Hope you enjoy
1-13 of 13 Results