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  1. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    Hello everyone i just bought a 390 2019 it is making small tik tik noise.. the noise comes when the radiator starts working and stops by itself, the mechanic said it’s not from the engine should i be concerned? and why is the heat bar not going above 4 bars.. the fan comes on at 4 bars.. help me 🥲
  2. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    Got rid of my 2020 duke390 got a few things like a brand new coober air filter that i never even opened, got the original oem muffler, got a couple mid pipes and a knock off cheap akro slip on, im in northern cali if anybody is interested and want to pick them up shoot an offer,, sorry if this...
  3. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    I have a 2021 Duke 390 and it's display screen is flickering while riding in the summer heat. I got in touch with the service center guys and they said it's a software issue. I got in touch with the dealer and he said that this happens in heat cuz the screen is LCD. I don't know what to believe...
  4. General talk
    Ok so i got rid of my ktm, off to bigger things,, anyways before i did, i took off the duke decals and was looking for somthing to put instead, too late now but was watching a show and heard "HOME IS WHERE YOU DUKE THE HARDEST" 🤣🤣🤣 that would have been fu**ing great, someone do it and post a pic lol
  5. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    Hi. I have new oil pressure sensor but I haven’t got a clue how to take off the exiting clip on the current sensor. Scared I will break it. Any ideas…?
  6. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    Hey all, New to the forum. Just got a question I was hoping some Duke 390 owners could answer. I am seriously considering buying a 390 (mainly because of the awesome price and used market) My question is will it be too small in the long term and will I get bored with it. I currently ride a CB...
  7. Parts
    Had some fun First Long Ride After Service ktm duke and suzuki bandit 6 😁👍 like and subscribe dudes all the love is well appreciated
  8. Australia/New Zealand
    Howdy Orange lovers!! :) Peeps call me Valvoline, and my trusted metal steed is my 'Lawnmower' 2016 KTM Duke 390 (1st in Australia to be ADV'd). My Lawnmower has seriously surprised me in what it has been capable of doing.... 75,000kms in 2 years. Toured around most Australia and probably has...
  9. Duke Engine
    Hi All, I have a problem with my bike since I have it. I took the bike to the dealership service so many times for more than one year, but the problem still exist. The problem is that "Sometimes the engine stalls at the moment when I press the clutch” Here is a video which I recorded. I'm...
  10. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    Got home last night after work and notice my headlight was tilted downwards, upon further inspection I noticed that it was no longer attached at the top, and there's a ball headed screw attached to a hinge, tho it cannot be fully unscrewed and removed. I'm at a loss as of how to reattach the...
1-11 of 11 Results