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  1. Throttle body clean Duke 690 2013

    Hi guys, I am having ongoing issues with lack of power in the higher revs and jerky in the high revs (won't rev out) the final thing i can think of is the throttle body needs a good clean along with the injectors. I can't seem to find any guidance on the internet of how easy/hard it is to...
  2. Duke 690 Exhaust Corrosion

    Hey ya'll! I'm wondering if there is any way to make the exhaust header here nice and clean with blue again. I think it's salt corrosion, but I have no idea how to go about it, and neither do I wanna damage it.
  3. 2013 Duke 690R best engine mods and best BBK

    Duke Engine
    Hey guys, I’m new to the group! Looking to buy a Duke 690R. Looked at a few and between a 2009 and a 2013. Both local, and obviously 2013 cost a little more. Is one bike substantially better then the other? Reliability and power differences? Probably going to ask questions here that have...
  4. 2013 690 duke problems

    All my problems started about a year ago while i was riding, up in the higher rpms the power would seem to just stop but then pick itself back up again kind of like a lag. Some days later she starts up idles then putters to a stop throwing a 89 FI code for "DBW return spring - stuck open"...
  5. Bike will not redline, Lumpy above 6k

    Duke Engine
    All, I previously posted on here looking for advice and looking for some more! My Duke 690 (2013) struggles with anything above 6k revs. Its like it just sort of gives up. It will slowly creep up but then can be very jerky, like I'm twisting the throttle sharply and sometimes engine breaks so...
  6. KTM Duke 690 2018 A2 back to full power

    Duke Engine
    Hi everbody, I`m new to the form, and I from holland, so allready sorry for the bad English sometimes. Recently I have bought a KTM Duke 690 form the year 2018. unfortunately the bike has ben restricted for the A2 license. I was wondering how to get te bike back to his full potential. What is...
  7. duke 690r 2011

    hey guys new here wanted to know if anyone here had the duke 690r 2011 and had some issues with planning to buy her with 55k km or duke 390 2016 with 12k km plz can u help me out
  8. No/jerky power above 6k revs Duke 690 2013

    Hi All, This forum has been a great help in the past and was wondering if you lovely people could be of further help! Got a 690 duke 2013 model and I never really noticed the lack of top end power much but recently its very noticeable. Anything over 5.5-6k revs is completely gutless and it...
  9. Cam sensor install on 690 duke

    Duke Engine
    Hello everyone, I belong to an FSAE team. We'll be using a 690 duke engine with MoTeC's M800 ECU. The ECU needs a cam position sensor, and the engine doesn't come with one. I need help with installing a cam position sensor, if anyone has done it before or have any info regarding this, please let...
  10. 2017 KTM Duke 690

  11. Pros and cons of Duke 690 2017? Help me decide to buy one or not

    Hi all, I am rather new to the KTM world and I am considering buying a new old stock Duke 690 MY 2017 (base model, not an R). I have been through the forums (this one and others) reading as much as possible about issues (rocker arm failure, fuel pumps, etc) but, if possible, I would appreciate...
  12. Duke 690 Fuel Pump Questions???

    I have some simple questions about the 2015 Duke 690 Fuel pump: 1. Does anyone know what the priming voltage is for the 2015 duke 690 or where I can find this? 2. Where does the Fuel Pump connect into the motor? 3. Has anyone used this Fuel Pump for other things besides the Duke 690 and if so...