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  1. Duke 890, 790
    Hello everyone. Does anyone have experience with Ixil or Cobra exhausts on ther 890 Duke? Or any other cheaper bur good exhaust? I cant decide on which one to buy but it's important for me that the exhaust is ECE/ EC homologated! Thanks
  2. Duke 890, 790
    Hello everyone! I have the opportunity to buy new KTM Duke 890 (2021) in 2023. It is about 2k$ cheaper than the 2023 model. What do you think about it? Worth it or not? I am afraid that tires become dry and less tenacious. By the way, is Duke 890 (not R) still fun to ride in city (without going...
  3. Duke 890, 790
    Hello, i own a Duke 890L from 2021, i am a little bit confused with the documentation of Anti-Wheelie-Mode and MTC (Traction Control). So if i understood correctly the Anti-Wheelie-Mode is always on and i can only disable it in the Track-Mode (for which i have to buy the Track-Pack first?). I...
  4. General talk
    Hey all, just wondering what the Duke 890 riders have for side/saddle bags, particularly if you don't have the stock exhaust anymore...throw the recommendedations at me . Token pic of my Stella girl coz why not.
  5. Duke 890, 790
    Hello guys, I recently bought my first KTM (890 Duke 2022). approx. 400km. While riding my bike and changing gears (it does not matter if it is up or downshift but mostly between gears 2-6, 6-2) I can feel the change of the gear in the clutch lever- The kick that you feel on your leg while...
  6. Duke 890, 790
    Hey there, I can’t decide if I should get a 2023 duke 790 or 2023 duke 890r. The main reason Im looking into the 890r is because it has adjustable suspension and I never had it on a bike before. It will be a road bike that I’ll be commuting on, taking it to twisties, and occasional touring with...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey, my name is Brian - am a 30yr old mechanical engineering, married with 4 kiddos in SE Wisconsin area. I have been riding motorcycles for about 5 accumulative years with my last motorcycle being a Honda CBR600RR. As of yesterday I'm the proud owner of a 2020 KTM Duke 890 R! I was fortunate...
  8. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    I have a ktm 890r Duke and the engine won’t turn over. Lights, screen turn on. And it’s a brand new battery but it seems like the connection isn’t working. It clicks when you start it. But nothing out of the engine.
  9. 20220417_113752.jpg

    2021 890R waiting for better weather.
  10. Duke 890, 790
    I recently bought a decat for my duke 890 and and put the stock muffler back on. It sounds amazing. If you are thinking of decating your duke and using the stock muffler, do it. It’s cheap and sound great.
1-10 of 10 Results