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  1. Super Duke
    Waiting patiently... anyone have info on ECU tuning support for the 3.0 1290sdr?
  2. Adventure
    Recently I have been having issues with my 2019 KTM super adventure r. I took it in for a 9000 mile service and the shop did me the “favor” of updating the software. Since then, I’ve been having numerous failures. First off is the speedometer, it keeps failing and reverting back to 0mph, no...
  3. Husaberg, Husqvarna, Gas Gas
    I recently bought a Husaberg fe350 from 2013. The battery that was on the motorcycle was bad. one day I was preparing to go on a ride so I set up the charger to fast charge which fried my ECU, now I have installed a new ECU and a new battery but the ECU is from an sx250, the bike has a hard time...
  4. Super Duke
    I have had conversations with a couple of different dealership service managers about installing the Track Pack accessory on my 2020 SDGT, and having all of them tell me that they don't know why it is not available for the SDGT. I looked in home web site of KTM and you can click on any region in...
  5. Offroad 4 strokes
    Hi guys I´m a formula student team member. Our team is thinking about swapping our engine(a cbr600f4i) to a sf-x 450. One of the issues we are thinking about is the ECU. We need a stand alone, and we have a G4+ fury from Link. For compatibility, we need the pattern of the ignition rotor/trigger...
  6. Duke Engine
    Hello, I was wondering if any of you might be able to help me. I have swapped my 2013 Duke 125 engine to a 200cc duke engine. Everything is connected and fits, the engine starts and runs. However, it will not idle (it just stalls) and with anything over 20% throttle it will stall too, it runs...
1-6 of 6 Results