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electrical problem

  1. Alarm issues on 2007 950 smr

    Hi! My first post here:) I have a 2007 950 smr, with a factory installed alarm.To start the engine I need to press a button on a key-fob once. There's a beep, and a little red led flashes on the dash. Now it won't respond. When I turn on the ignition, the headlights turn on, and I can hear a...
  2. 2016 250SX-F Starting Problems

    Offroad 4 strokes
    Having trouble with the electric start working. The bike sounds like it is nearly turning over but can't manage it (if this makes any sense) and the bike bump starts fine. I have fully charged the battery using a lithium charger. I have new earth cable and contact washers (Also wire brushed the...
  3. 2004 450exc doesn’t start when it gets hot? Help

    Offroad 4 strokes
    The bike starts normal but if you push the choke in the bike will cut out straight away. The bike runs perfect if you leave the choke out and ride around but if I stop and turn it off. I can not start it again. Unless I wait an hour or more when it’s cold. It does smell abit lean like it’s not...
  4. KTM 690 duke 2018 Just put on tail tidy kit

    i had just put on a tail tidy kit from r&g and i had accidentally had the wires switched around for the new tail light, so i switched them and it worked fine, when i went to plug in the rear blinkers something happened with the computer display where it shows mph and everything it said abs...