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  1. Duke Engine
    Hi! I`m having a problem with my duke, I changed the oil and filter by myself, did everything like you have to do, right oil, right filter. Today I went for a ride, when I came to my garage and lubricated my chain, it wasn`t starting anymore, starter is spinning fast, like there is no...
  2. Duke
    Hello everyone, Recently i came across froth in the engine oil in my duke 250 india. I have attached some photos to this thread and i have done 2400km on odo. Looks like bubbles of the engine oil. These bubbles goes away 5 min when i stop riding it. I have also noticed that there is slight...
  3. Duke
    Hi everyone, after doing an oil change on my 2017 Duke 390 the bolt snapped off on the oil filter cover even though I torqued to recommended specs. I tried to use a reverse drill bit and screw extractors based on other users' posts. However, the screw extractor drill bit broke off as well, plus...
  4. Two Strokes
    Hi could anyone help in having a huge mear finding a Ktm 85 head bolt I can only find out it needs to be 10nm and is a m6 can I buy any m6 or does it havto be specific if it doesn’t does anyone have the size mines a 04 85 any help appreciated , thanks
  5. Duke Engine
    All, I previously posted on here looking for advice and looking for some more! My Duke 690 (2013) struggles with anything above 6k revs. Its like it just sort of gives up. It will slowly creep up but then can be very jerky, like I'm twisting the throttle sharply and sometimes engine breaks so...
  6. Offroad 4 strokes
    Does anyone have any experience putting 6th gear out of an excf450 in an sxf 450 motor. Mine is us spec 2016, 5 speed already. Thinking new shift barrel, shifter fork and gear wheels should do it?
  7. Duke Engine
    Hello everyone, I belong to an FSAE team. We'll be using a 690 duke engine with MoTeC's M800 ECU. The ECU needs a cam position sensor, and the engine doesn't come with one. I need help with installing a cam position sensor, if anyone has done it before or have any info regarding this, please let...
  8. Offroad 4 strokes
    Anyone know if this can/cannot be done. Differences? Mechanically, the only thing I see is the clutch is different and rekluse from 2017 will not work...
1-8 of 8 Results