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  1. Two Strokes
    i want to take my exc 125 2008 to the street, what sprocket size will be the best for popping wheelies and still beeing able to ceep up whith trafic without the high rpm sounding like im bout to blow up.
  2. Offroad 4 strokes
    I've been riding road bikes for 30 years but I just bought my first dirt bike. 2005 450 EXC. From what I can tell I'm the fourth owner. Over the years there has been alot of modifications done to it. So much so that I have no idea what is original and what is not. I know I have an aftermarket...
  3. General talk
    Hay people have a 09 exc 300, wondering if it’s possible to swap out the frame, plastics, Tank, seat and expansion from a 2012 model for an updated looking exc? Any info appreciated cheers
  4. Two Strokes
    Hello, I have a 1997 KTM250EXC and I was riding it one day and messed up the oil to fuel mixture having it bog out hella, I drained the gas and put the proper mixture in it and when I went to start it up again the bike idles super high. I thought playing with the air fuel settings would fix it...
  5. Offroad 4 strokes
    Long story I'll try and keep short. 2018 500 exc Desmogged, full fmf exhaust, vortex. Sunk my bike in the water. Stood it up and got it running after cranking it with the killswitch off and throttle wide open. Rode for another 10km and the bike died out of nowhere. Took it home. Flushed it...
  6. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hey I bought a 2007 560 smr. It came with a cdi from a 400/450/525 exc. Part#59439031000. Does anyone know if this will cause issues? 560smr cdi part number is different
  7. Offroad 4 strokes
    Hi all! I've been experiencing some strange and probably expensive sounding rattling from my 2004 525 EXC for some time now, I know these engines are normally noisy but there's a particularly loud rattling coming from the engine when I cruise with little resistance at lower RPM, say 70KM/H...
  8. General talk
    Hi All, Im new to the forum but not to KTM’s. I thought I’d get your opinions and see if you come to the same conclusion I do as to what to do with my new bike or have some better ideas. Here’s my story. In 2012 my dad and brother both bought KTM exc’s. I was jealous that their exc could ride...
  9. Two Strokes
    Ok so first and second gear run like dog **** its very buggy and won't open up, 3rd and the rest of the gears seem okay but it also doesn't go as fast as the bike should go it cuz it's only topping out at maybe 40 45mph and I know the bike does a lot faster than that and it's got good...
  10. Offroad 4 strokes
    Greetings! So had the internals of the silencer of my exc broken and dingling inside. The middle part, that baffle plate, where the end cap inner pipe sits agains from one side and the thin baffle pipe sits from the other side, broken in pieces... So no plate, no support to hold the baffle...
  11. Two Strokes
    Hi guys I'm struggling with my 2013 KTM 300, the electric start isn't starting the bike but I've replaced the starter motor, bushings and battery and it still wont start does anyone have any suggestions? Regards Mike.
  12. Two Strokes
    So to make my bike street legal I have to add blinkers, cuz the previous owner deleted Them. Anyone know what this connects too?
  13. Two Strokes
    Hey new to the forum as I have an issue I can't seem to find the answer to. My transmission in my 99 200 exc seems to have lost a gear as my 4th gear acts like neutral and there is a lot of noise coming from the gear box, I am taking it apart tonight to find exactly what got damaged along with...
  14. General talk
    Hello I'm about to buy a 2001 exc 125 but before I buy it if like to know if I'm able to convert the plastics to a newer model so it looks abit nicer. Thankyou hopefully someone can help
  15. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here knows if I could fit radiator shrouds for the 2005 model EXC 525 to a 2004 EXC 525 fuel tank, if I'm not mistaken the tanks for the 04 and 05 bikes share the same part number, but I figured I'd ask before I go out and buy anything. Thanks in advance :)
  16. Two Strokes
    I would like to know where the ENGINE CASE Part Number is located for a 125 EXC. Anybody knows?
  17. Offroad 4 strokes
    Hi everyone my motorcycle is leaking engine oil from the vent in large quantities. The bike does not smoke, runs well and there are no drops in performance. I have done a complete oil change and put in the right amount of oil but it continues to drive until it almost empties.
  18. Offroad 4 strokes
    I was wondering if it was possible to straighten up this piece without breaking it, or otherwise purchase the part itself. Do I have to order the whole fork cylender ?
  19. Offroad 4 strokes
    Hey I just bought a used KTM exc and the guy had the bike completely stripped down (no blinkers, ignition lock, horn, high/lowbeam, etc.) and Im struggling with getting it all in working order. Does anyone know where I can find the wiring schematics for this bike or any similar models? Also on a...
  20. Two Strokes
    hello my ktm exc speedometer is only reading my speed up to 7mph. i have checked for damaged cables i found nothing. thanks in advance
1-20 of 22 Results