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fuel injector

  1. Throttle body clean Duke 690 2013

    Hi guys, I am having ongoing issues with lack of power in the higher revs and jerky in the high revs (won't rev out) the final thing i can think of is the throttle body needs a good clean along with the injectors. I can't seem to find any guidance on the internet of how easy/hard it is to...
  2. 2012 Ktm 250 SXF No Start ??

    Offroad 4 strokes
    Racking my brain on this, bike was parked & ran great...sits a month & won’t start. Done research & seen info on injector, dumped old fuel out, cleaned injector (seen video), replaced fuel line & filters, fresh fuel, new battery & plug...still won’t start, will start w/ spraying carb cleaner...