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  1. 390 duke won't rev past 7,000 in 5th and 6th

    Hi all, I've recently bought a 2016 duke 390. I found out that when the bike is in 5th or 6th, it simply won't rev past 7,000 rpm. I can twist the throttle back as much as I want and it won't do anything. Because of this the bike is only topping out at 75ish mph. Any help with this would be...
  2. Sxf 450 6 speed

    Offroad 4 strokes
    Does anyone have any experience putting 6th gear out of an excf450 in an sxf 450 motor. Mine is us spec 2016, 5 speed already. Thinking new shift barrel, shifter fork and gear wheels should do it?
  3. New Supermoto owner needs advice

    Hey guys! New to the forum here, looking for advice, and tips. I went from a 2019 Yamaha MT-09 to a 2019 Ktm 500 exc-f. My ride partner owns a 2019 husky 701sm, and I wanted something similar but different, if that makes sense? The Yamaha was great! But I really like the supermoto feel. Anyway...