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  1. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hi, so i bought an ebay exc LED headlight to put on my 690 smc 2015. When I was trying to connect the main 4 coloured wires to the headlight, I got a spark because the bike was on while I was trying to figure out which colour belonged where. After this I could not turn on my high beam, and it...
  2. Duke
    Hi, I bought a genuine KTM Powerparts headlight for my 2016 Duke 390. I've followed the instructions and installed all the parts. Everything fits together well. My issue is with the final step of putting the shroud on. I can't put it on due to the speedo cable. There's no way to move it out of...
  3. Duke
    Hello, i recently started the conversion from regular incandescent bulbs to LED and am having trouble with the error messages that keep popping up. I’ve installed 4 resistors and those don’t work, so I got an electronic flasher relay. My issue is that I can’t find the OEM relay anywhere! I think...
  4. Offroad 4 strokes
    Hello, going on a trip next weekend. The front headlight bulb (stock part) has been burned out; figured I'd change it prior to going. Replaced the bulb and... still nothing. I've read up regarding AC/DC system in this bike. Yes, the bike was running when I checked it. My volt meter (AC) is...
  5. Supermoto/Enduro
    I’d like to find a tail tidy kit and a much brighter headlight (daylighter)? for my ‘06 625 SMC. Any suggestions or images? Thanks in advance.
  6. Duke
    Got home last night after work and notice my headlight was tilted downwards, upon further inspection I noticed that it was no longer attached at the top, and there's a ball headed screw attached to a hinge, tho it cannot be fully unscrewed and removed. I'm at a loss as of how to reattach the...
  7. Offroad 4 strokes
    Hey guys, i want to get a Baja Designs LED headlight for my bike, will it just be a plug and play thing or will i have to make alterations? Here is the one i am looking at...
1-7 of 7 Results