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  1. Super Duke
    Hello, I have a 2016 super duke r/ 7,000 miles. Every few rides I experience a huge loss of power towards the higher rpm’s and shifting into the next gear. The bike idles fine and gets around like normal when I’m not full throttle. I read that the fuel pumps were an issue, so I went and...
  2. Offroad 4 strokes
    Hey, I have a 2015 sx250f that has a little issue… when the bike is warm it sometimes just shuts off and sounds like its running on too low rpms. When i adjust the idle screw it runs somewhat ok but the throttle hangs when you let it off and doesnt come back to normal idle. Also do theese bikes...
  3. General talk
    I have a 2014 ktm 250sxf I dont know how much oil to put in it or wich brand i should use and how often should i do it?
  4. .

    Two Strokes
  5. Duke
    Im getting this error code on my ktm duke 125 any tips for what it is??
  6. Duke
    Hey, i got a KTM duke 125 with a error code that says error code sensor 02 anyone had this before and know what it is?
  7. Offroad 4 strokes
    i snapped my chain on my sxf and it hit my hydraulic slave cyliner and broke it right off, i got the broken bolts out and ordered a new cylinder part. but it looks like the pin that comes out of the engine that the cylinder actually attaches on the bike is bent from the impact. I dont know the...
  8. General talk
    Hi, I have a 250 SXF. It's 2010 as I checked, made in Austria, with the J "power number". It has an A, not a 9 or 8, so it's a 2010 I think, but the 2010 models have black frames, this one has an orange frame, it isn't repainted, if it is, they made it look like it came stock from the factory...
  9. Duke
    I am going to provide a play by play and hopefully some of you can shed light, any information helps. I have a 2016 Duke 390. I live in Toronto Canada so right now it gets to like 9 degreesC. Four days ago I tried starting my bike and it wouldn't turn over, it makes noise trying to turn itself...
  10. Duke
    Hi guys, I recently brought a duke 125 after finally doing my CBT and starting out riding. When I first got the bike it had a few minor problems that I had sorted and the bike was riding good and okay, then one day I pulled up at a friends house and the EML came on out of nowhere. It had stayed...
  11. Duke
    Hi! Does anybody here have the IRC quickshifter and blipper with a good configuration they'd like to share? Mine is a tad bit wonky so would like to hear if someone else has perfected it.
  12. Two Strokes
    Hi everyone, looking for some help here as I am new to all of this, I bought the bike second hand and have probably only done 10 or so hours of riding since, The bike died on me well riding and a mate of mine has since stripped it down and said it needs a new top end, however he also said he...
  13. Duke
    I just did a rad flush on my 2014 ktm duke, and now trying to reassemble it I have it all back together except the front pin on my shifter side fairing does not want to go into its housing! I've been trying to line it up for 45 minutes. Any tips or suggestions??
  14. Offroad 4 strokes
    I notice my master Cylinder appears to be leaking out through the top screws and my clutch begins to slip noticeably after riding for a good 20 minutes. On a side note my clutch lever has zero free play and does not fully disengage. Is the clutch shot? or do I just need to rebuild / replace...
  15. Duke
    Hey ya'll! I'm wondering if there is any way to make the exhaust header here nice and clean with blue again. I think it's salt corrosion, but I have no idea how to go about it, and neither do I wanna damage it.
  16. Offroad 4 strokes
    I have a 2011 ktm xcf 250 that is fuel injected, and it runs like a champ. After doing some tight trails and the bike gets hot it will bog a little on the low end, and it won’t idle. If I pull the cold start knob out it idles, but if that isn’t pulled out it won’t idle. I already tried replacing...
  17. RC390 , 250 , 125
    Speedo now reads intermittently and jumps from actual speed to zero and back, I have checked the main speedo wire and everything looks okay, has anyone had this issue or know of any ways to resolve as I will soon have my MOT which it will fail with this issue
  18. Supermoto/Enduro
    So i have a 2007 690 SM with a single exhaust (exan black) sounds amazing,i already updated the mapping to the akra one but i am currently searching for the right map made for a single exhaust.It's a common mod having a single exhaust and it's sold by SC-Project,MIVV exan and others.So the...
  19. Adventure
    New to ktm and got me a road queen find. I found a 2010 990 adventure with 24,117 miles on it. It had Gobi hard bags, stock exhaust, and no crash bars or Skiddy. I've done some up grades for protection, skiddy and crash bars, and have only ridden it about 1500 miles. LOVE it. But I have an...
  20. Offroad 4 strokes
    The bike starts normal but if you push the choke in the bike will cut out straight away. The bike runs perfect if you leave the choke out and ride around but if I stop and turn it off. I can not start it again. Unless I wait an hour or more when it’s cold. It does smell abit lean like it’s not...
1-20 of 22 Results