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  1. Duke 690, 390, 125
    Some lovely gentleman have tried to steal my bike yesterday and now I need to replace my key switch. Would anyone here have any on sale or know where to get one? Can be new, can be second hand. I'll consider anything at this point. Thanks and all the best!!
  2. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Hi All - anyone else have this issue ? 2021 Super Duke GT, after 600 mile service, travelling to highlands in Scotland and the bike doesn't start after a 5 minute stop. Occasionally, engine cuts out whilst riding. After investigation at KTM Perth, issue linked to a faulty ignition button...
  3. Super Duke 1290, 990
    Hey all, Very brand new to this forum, so hi! I've scoured the Internet and cannot find any help on this. Yesterday, I went to start the bike up to go to an appointment (last time I started it was last week), and there's zero electrical power. Nothing is working on the dash, no lights will...
  4. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hi! My first post here:) I have a 2007 950 smr, with a factory installed alarm.To start the engine I need to press a button on a key-fob once. There's a beep, and a little red led flashes on the dash. Now it won't respond. When I turn on the ignition, the headlights turn on, and I can hear a...
  5. Sportminicycles
    Rockymountainatvmc.com Part# 1931680001 My daughter's 2018 50SX is getting really hard to start and has been running bad lately. In her last race she tried going up a hill and it bogged down and died on her. I've cleaned the carb and jets, no improvement. I've had multiple people tell me...
1-5 of 5 Results